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In the central part of Italy, there are the landscapes of Lazio, the heart of which is the capital of the country - Rome. During the journey through the territory of the region, we will see beaches, rocky coasts and mountain landscapes of the Apennines. Inland, there are lakes, forests and olive groves. The most important monuments of Lazio are in Rome - not only sacred buildings such as papal basilicas (including the basilica of St. John Lateran, St. Paul Outside the Walls), but also secular ones, including the Colosseum, Capitoline and Pantheon. In addition to the capital, there are many other places worth seeing in the region.

Leisure in Lazio

Lazio, considered the cradle of the Roman state, is very popular among people spending their holidays in Italy . Tourists come here to learn about monuments of great historical and cultural importance, as well as to relax on the beautiful beaches. About 80 km from Rome lies Viterbo , a city famous in antiquity for its healing springs. You can take a bath in the thermal center, and those willing can also choose blissful relaxation at free swimming pools in the vicinity of the village. While in the province, it is worth checking if the Est! Est! Est! it is as good as the legends say. We will buy them in Montefiascone, approx. 99 km from Viterbo. What do you have to see in Lazio to not feel unsatisfied? Noteworthy is the papal summer residence, Castel Gandolfo . In 2014, by the decision of Pope Francis, the Barberini garden located on its site was opened to the public for the first time in history. Another place worth visiting is Cerveteri , surrounded by Etruscan cemeteries on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the hills. This list also includes objects from Tarquinia, i.e. about 7,000 tombs covered with paintings. An interesting point on the map of the region is also Rieti , during Roman times it was called the Navel of Italy. It is the geographical center of the country, as confirmed by the information in 20 languages that can be found in San Rufo Square.

The cuisine of the heart of Italy

Several million tourists come to the Eternal City, to which, according to the proverb, all roads lead. During their holidays in Lazio, many of them also visit the smallest country in the world - the Vatican . They cross the enclave to see the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter or the Vatican Museums. An interesting, though little-known place is Il presepe dei netturbini , a nativity scene showing Palestine from before 2,000. years, often visited by John Paul II. The tomb of the Polish Pope is located in the Chapel of St. Sebastian. Visiting the Vatican, despite its small size, takes a lot of time, which is largely due to the ubiquitous queues. A sensible step for a tired and eager tourist will be to return to the Italian side of the border - prices in the Vatican City are not very friendly. What can we find on the local menu? Among others, spaghetti alla carbonara (with cream sauce and bacon), Roman lamb, veal with sage, prosciutto and white wine or lamb ribs.

Camping in the vicinity of Rome

Where can a person stay for the night who wants to be close to Rome and its attractions, and at the same time comfortably rest among the greenery? An excellent choice for such tourists will be a well-equipped camping located on a hill next to Rome - I Pini Family Park . The Italian capital is easily reached by bus, and holidaymakers can enjoy spacious pitches, bungalows and bungalows (including one that will delight Hello Kitty fans). The campsite is praised by guests for friendly service, a restaurant with delicious food and numerous amenities for children, incl. animation activities, swimming pool with water with max. 50 cm deep, a lagoon with fountains and a slide. The mascot of the camping, the Elves, also evokes a smile on the faces of the little ones. Adults can enjoy the outdoor swimming pools, sports facilities and a whole host of other attractions of the complex. They can enjoy their stay lying on the terrace by the pools and watching the offspring play. Their full happiness will be ensured by the view of the Tiber and the vicinity of the Eternal City.

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