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Rome is a city full of extremes. Centuries ago it was the capital of the pagan world, now it has become the center of Christianity. This is where we can make an amazing journey through time. However, it is worth choosing a longer stay, and even returning to the Eternal City many times, rediscovering it each time. An interesting part of Rome is, for example, Ostia - an area loved by tourists looking for relaxation.

Ostia is a seaside district in Rome, approximately 30 km from the city center. It is located near the Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino intercontinental airport. Due to its convenient location and seaside climate, the district is a favorite vacation spot for Romans and tourists.

A seaside port and ancient architectural pearls

The name of the district comes from the Latin word "ostium" and means an estuary. Years ago, Ostia, the port of Rome , was located at the very mouth of the Tiber to the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was probably assembled around 620 BC by the fourth king of Rome, Ancusa Martius . For a long time the settlement was used as a naval base and the main port .


The town called Lido di Ostia was built in the Middle Ages by order of Pope Gregory IV. The main landmarks of the district are the ruins of ancient Ostia - the forum, basilica, granaries, residential houses, numerous porticoes, an amphitheater from 12 BC and a curia.


When visiting this region of Rome, it is worth seeing the imperial baths complex, the thermal baths of Neptune with mosaics that have survived to this day , as well as the temples of Romy and Augustus, Cybele, Ceres, the Capitoline Triad, and Mithras. In Ostia, there is also the castle of Pope Julius II, the Roman cemetery (Isola Sacra) and the Port of Trajan .

Rest in Ostia

Ostia is over 14 km of sandy beach filled with gray, volcanic sand. This coastal area has both public and private beaches. The most popular of them is the dune beach Capocotta , which has been divided into several different zones, incl. family bathing beach, nudist beach and beach for animal lovers.

It is worth noting that in Ostia you will find numerous bars and restaurants, as well as night clubs . This district of Rome is also often chosen as a convenient place to stay as it is a great starting point to explore the rest of the Eternal City.

Ostia has a very rich and extensive accommodation facilities . You can choose not only from hotels, apartments and private accommodation, but Camping Village Fabulous is also available there.

This resort is ideal for the whole family, but it is especially liked by young people because of its great atmosphere, evening music events and easy and cheap access to the center of Rome. Buses stop 100 meters from the parc and there is also a metro.


Camping Village Fabulous is located close to the beach , and the comfortable and comfortably equipped holiday homes are hidden in the shade of trees, as are the plots with sanitary and electricity connections.

For those tourists who get tired of visiting Rome, the resort offers plenty of activities. Children can participate there, among others in sports activities and games organized by animators, while adults have at their disposal, for example, a swimming pool , a water lagoon, a mini-golf course, a solarium, a jacuzzi and a disco.

The resort is rated very positively by guests who praise not only the service, but also the gastronomic facilities (an exquisite restaurant with the best Italian dishes, a pizzeria and a pool bar).

Tour of Rome

While relaxing in Ostia, it is of course worth taking a trip to other districts of Rome. If you haven't done so before, be sure to see the most important and famous monuments of the Eternal City. The main point of the program is usually the Colosseum , the symbol of Rome and the most magnificent ancient building of the Italian capital.


Other important monuments are the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain . You cannot pass by Piazza di Spagna and the famous Spanish Steps by indifference. On the other hand, a visit to the Basilica of St. Peter and the Sistine Chapel will be an opportunity not only to experience a religious experience, but also to admire unusual paintings and frescoes.


Rome is an unusual and diverse city. Everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of whether you want to see the magnificent monuments or are looking for a break from admiring the local architecture. In the latter case, it is worth taking a rest in one of the Roman parks or gardens .

Yacht charter in Fiumicio

If you are looking for something more than monuments in Rome, I recommend going on a cruise! Directly at Ostia you will find the Fiumincio port, where you can charter a yacht or a motorboat. It is best to book it in advance via the Click & Boat system.

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