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The fact that someone did not manage to visit Ribe at the beginning of May does not mean that there is nothing to visit in the oldest city of the country famous for Lego bricks. On the contrary - apart from organizing the largest Viking rally in Denmark, the town has a lot to offer to tourists.

The oldest city in Denmark, Ribe, is also one of the most beautiful. It is situated on the River Ribeå in the western part of South Jutland. It is approx. 5 km away from the North Sea. Most of the medieval buildings have been preserved in it, which is why architecture enthusiasts like to visit them. Hundreds of tourists come to Ribe every summer to feel the spirit of the old days ruled by the Vikings. It houses a faithful reconstruction of the settlement of sea warriors - an open-air museum called Ribe VikingeCenter.

Ribe VikingeCenter

Denmark's largest Viking gathering takes place every year in Ribe. It is organized at the Viking Center, and tourists visiting the center at that time have the opportunity to watch the great battle fought by reenactors. It is also an opportunity to visit craftsmen in workshops straight from the 8th century and see handicrafts, take part in an archery tournament or familiarize yourself with the techniques of animal husbandry practiced in the 10th century. In Ribe, during the rally, calm botany enthusiasts will also find themselves - they have a chance to learn about the old methods of growing plants.

While visiting the Viking Center, the youngest visitors of the open-air museum can dress up in period costumes, dye wool together using old techniques, bake flatbread by the fire, play games played by Viking children, or learn archery.

Ribe every day

Due to the interest of tourists, various languages can be heard on the streets of Ribe, and the service sector is very developed. The main street of the city is Overdammen , Stawowa Street. It runs along the dam that divides the river into three swift parts with strong water currents. The mill wheels built on the arms are still active, today they serve as an attraction and please the eyes of tourists.

The market square is a must-see when visiting Denmark's oldest city. It houses many historic buildings with a beautiful cathedral, Ribe Domkirke , towering over them. On the south side of the square there is the old town hall and the Den Gamle Arrest, a hotel with rooms situated in cells - in the past the building was used as a prison.

On the west side you will find Weis Stue , the oldest inn in Denmark. Its interiors are furnished with fittings from the beginning of the 18th century, and the building itself is more than a century older. In this part of the square there is a 16th-century house in which the Hotel Dagmar is located, and in the immediate vicinity - also from this period, Porsborg.

It is difficult to list all the historic buildings of Ribe, which are worth spending a moment while walking. There are just too many of them.

Campsite in Ribe

If you have decided to visit Ribe and are looking for accommodation, you can stay in a hotel or camping, for example at the all-year-round Ribe Camping *** . Two adult tourists, who came with their own motorhome, will spend the night there for about EUR 28-37 (depending on the season and type of plot).

It is a campsite with traditions - it will be celebrating its half-century existence next year. It offers guests shaded areas, a large heated swimming pool and a smaller one for children. Children also have a playground at their disposal, while adults have a terrace with deckchairs and a cafe with direct access to the pool.

In Ribe, tourists are mainly drawn to the Viking Center, but in addition to the open-air museum, the city offers a number of more modern entertainment. You can get to know them both day and night (Night Watchman with a guide). Tourists can visit the island of Mandø in the Wadden Sea, go to the Wadden Sea Center or participate in numerous concerts. The summer days in Ribe are ended with the starlings dancing in the sky - a phenomenon called the Black Sun. If only for this view, it is worth coming here.

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