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Which Legoland is better?

Apparently, Legoland in Germany is much better than the one in Denmark. Why? Because it's newer and has more attractions. I am writing because we haven't been to Denmark yet, but we were in Legoland, Germany, in Gunzburg, and in addition, we were a camper there and slept at their great campground and I can recommend this place to all Lego fans ... and their parents. I present to you a complete guide to Legoland in Germany.

Camping in Legoland

In August we decided to go around amusement parks in Germany with a camper. As we have a 4-year-old on board, Legoland could not be missing among the parks. We already knew that this place is great for everyone who wants to come there with their camper, caravan or tent. But wait a minute ... the campground is small, the pitches are small, the campground also has small bathrooms and only two washing stations. So where do you think this camping is so great? Because the whole area around the campsite is crazy, but I will write about it later. There are few sanitary facilities, but it does not matter - most people use their bathrooms in motorhomes. There are few places to wash the dishes, but in this case also most people use their sinks in motorhomes, besides, there is not much time here for cooking and most people eat in bars or restaurants. The pitches are quite small as this parc is basically only for sleeping.


What does Legoland look like?

The entire area of Legoland can be divided into several zones. The first and the most important is the part where the amusement park is located together with a parking lot for people who came here for one day only. This part is approx. 2 km away from the residential part and is connected to it by a pedestrian path.

The residential part also consists of two hotels, and apart from that, holiday homes and a camping site, where you can also rent sleeping barrels or simply put up on a plot with a tent, caravan or motorhome. In this part there is also a camping reception.


Important information is that you can enter and exit the park and the park many times on the same ticket during one day. So there is no problem if you forgot something from the campground, or you want to go back to the camper to cook dinner.

What are the best attractions in Legoland?

There are 18 playgrounds in the residential part. One is e.g. a pirate ship, the other large playground is built on sand with baskets and loungers for adults to rest, sand toys for children and a climbing area, and right next to it is a rope park with a giant zipline.



In the main part of the park, we liked the most: Lego Run, Flying Ninjago, Fire Dragon, Techno Tea Cups. We didn't enter Power Builder, and apparently it's also mega!

I was also delighted with Miniland, an area where miniatures of cities, castles and other buildings are built from Lego bricks. I could spend a long time there looking at all the details.



Legoland with children

We were in Legoland with a 4 year old and a year old. Our 4-year-old was then 110 cm tall and Legoland, among other amusement parks, is distinguished by the fact that Maks could enter practically all available attractions. He couldn't only climb 3 roller coasters.


However, there are not many such attractions for children under 110 cm tall, so if you have smaller children, think about postponing the trip to the following years. If, on the other hand, one child is more tall, and the other is a little one, you will not be bored either. Legoland with a 2-year-old ? This is the way to go! There is a special Duplo zone adapted to toddlers, and nearby attractions for older children there are, for example, sandboxes made of Lego Duplo instead of sand. Remember to bring bathing suits, or a change of clothes and a towel, as there are several spray parks here, or you can get wet at the water attractions.


Legoland for children at what age?

Most attractions are listed by height, not age. Most attractions are available for children over 100 cm tall. Additionally, at the entrance there is also information from what age it is suggested to enter these attractions due to, for example, noise, violent lighting effects or scary-looking decorations.


Legoland one or two days?

In my opinion, it is best to come to this camping for 2 or 3 days. Spend 2 days in the amusement park and reserve the third to have fun in the free playgrounds at the campground. It is impossible to enter all the attractions in the amusement park in one day.

How to buy a ticket to Legoland?

I recommend that you buy a two-day ticket with an overnight stay at the campground. Such a ticket for a family of 2 + 2 (children aged 4 and 1) costs about 120 €. I also highly recommend purchasing an additional Express Pass device for everyone who wants to use the attractions. Thanks to this device, you do not have to stand in lines. Less queuing means more time playing! Honestly, I can't imagine queuing with a 4-year-old. I also highly recommend installing the application on the phone, which has a map of the park and the waiting time in individual queues.

We rest instead of queuing.


What to buy in stores in Legoland?

You can be sure that your child will want a Legoland souvenir. In addition to a lot of sets of blocks, you can also buy T-shirts, such as the one Maks is wearing. I also like the idea of buying a disguise for your favorite heroes. You can paint your face right away and spend a great day in the park as a knight or a lion.



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Our video from Legoland in Germany

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