The sun of North Jutland

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North Jutland is a region where we come across a great deal of evidence that a drop is boring the rock. Or - more appropriately to the situation - that the sand is boring the land. Slowly, slowly, it moves forward for years, relentlessly taking what it wants. Of course, people try to fight it by creating blockages of vegetation, but we can find more than one example that sand has won a lot by consistent action.

Danish Sand Walks

The golden hero of our story is not very famous in the north of Denmark. It choked down the meadows and swallowed up many buildings, including churches. After Den Tilsandede Kirke (Church under the sand), only the tower remained, now serving as a vantage point. A similar fate befell the Rubjerg Knude lighthouse, the highest part of the cliff, in the immediate vicinity of Lønstrup. On the west coast, the Råbjerg Mile dune was born, an inquisitive creature that can travel about 15 meters a year. Someone who has come on vacation to Denmark for the second time may be really surprised by how quickly the landscape changes due to sand dune wandering. The area is covered with grass and sea buckthorn, among the sand there are also remnants of bunkers from World War II. The Danish painter and poet Holger Drachmann fell in love with the local landscape. He stole his heart so much that he wished to be buried here - while walking in the dunes they will come across his tomb.

A trip to Skagen

One vacation in North Jutland is enough to find out that it is not only the kingdom of sand. It is also vast moors and sun - the region is one of the sunniest in the whole country. Walks here are long and relaxing, allowing you to calm down, relax and recharge your batteries. One of the most attractive tourist spots in the region (and all of Denmark) is the northern tip of Jutland, a place where the waters of two seas meet. We are talking about a sand spit called Skagen Odde , washed by the waves of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The struggle of mixing waters is a huge attraction, which is watched by thousands of tourists from different countries every year. The difference in the salinity of the water is visible to the naked eye. The same is with the beach - the Baltic beach is covered with pebbles and shells, while the one on the North Sea side is covered with seaweed and starfish. The headland itself is called the Land of Light by the Danes because of the number of sunny days that occur here. At its top is the town of Skagen, full of charming houses with yellow walls and red roofs. You can rent a bike there and go to the edge of the headland - Grenen, to see the fight of waves from two straits: Kattegat and Skagerrak. The opposing currents of sea waters inspired the creation of logos of minimalistic and eye-catching watches (Skagen Design). Manufactured for over a quarter of a century, they are distinguished by their appearance and quality compared to other brands, making the town famous. Skagen is also known for its cuisine, which will appeal to all fish lovers. Local dishes are simple, but extremely tasty, and the most popular among them is fish soup - aromatic and rich in taste.

Camping in Skiveren

South of Skagen (approx. 25 km), in close proximity to Tversted, there is a facility with a great accommodation offer for people who love caravanning. It is a charming, nice camping surrounded by numerous walking and cycling paths - Skiveren Camping . On its premises there is a cafe, shop, swimming pool and mini golf course, guests also have a nice beach at their disposal. The area is very picturesque, you can get to know it both during sightseeing tours (whether on foot or by bike), as well as during sports - it provides great conditions for jogging. The beauty of the landscapes of North Jutland, its dunes and the magnificent background of two seas will not let anyone forget about themselves. What's more, a holiday in this region will not only be remembered, but will also be remembered by the heart. And you don't have to be a poet or a painter at all.

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