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Denmark may not surprise with its size, but with attractions and camping sites - by all means. The smallest country in Scandinavia attracts history fans (including Vikings). It is a country with nice, slightly wild beaches, Legoland and the H.C. Andersen. It has several hundred islets, of which only about 70 are inhabited by people. Come here to see moors and white cliffs, visit Copenhagen and Bornholm. Get to know the home country of Calsberg beer!

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Denmark is a country that doesn’t have mountains or sandy beaches where you can relax and get a little bit of sun, nonetheless your family will not be bored here for sure. This Scandinavian country hides many attractions and opportunities for active leisure time. Plan an unforgettable vacation at a campsite!

Sport is good for health

Denmark impresses mainly with lowland areas and tourist trails that are worth conquering with a… bicycle! Majestic views, impeccable roads and many campsites in Denmark gives you the opportunity to visit virtually the entire country! And for lovers of water sports there’s a wide offer of kayaking. Many rivers and lakes are quite suitable and safe for family rafting.

And for children?

Without a doubt, the most important attraction on the map of Denmark for kids is the Legoland in Billund. But it’s not the only theme park that’s worth visiting. Book a camping for a family in the area of Bakken - and have fun in the oldest amusement park, whose history dates back to 1583! Here you can enjoy ferris wheels, carousels and over 100 other attractions.

Campsites in Denmark

Denmark is a tourist destination that offers a wide range of accommodation. However, the most attractive one in terms of price and location are campsites for families. Use our browser and book your place on one of them.

Some people believe that Danish tourism focuses mainly on history. Undoubtedly, the past is very important for the Danes. At the same time, they are considered one of the happiest nations in the world. They can strike a balance between cultivating tradition and looking to the future. Moreover, it was in Denmark that the philosophy of life called "hygge" was born. It means being positive, enjoying the present, being content with where you are - literally and figuratively. How did the inhabitants of this small Nordic country manage to reach this state?

Dishes of curiosities

It is difficult to list all the attractions worth exploring during your stay in Denmark. Each region has something to offer, be it Zealand with a beautiful capital, or Central or North Jutland with its moorland, cliffs and fjords. Picturesque landscapes also adorn South Denmark and the Capital Region.

When planning a trip, many people enter search terms such as where is Legoland in Denmark, what to see on the island of Borhnolm or what are the attractions in Ribe or Roskilde. What else can you find out? For example, the fact that the Danish monarchy is the oldest surviving in the world - it is over 1000 years old. The country itself is not only the happiest but also the least corrupt. Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland. Most Danes can swim and love coffee as well. On average, they drink 4 cups a day. These are just a few examples of Danish curiosities.

A characteristic sound that can often be heard in this country is ... the bell of a bicycle. When it comes to cycling routes, Denmark surprises with their number (over 12,000 km!). The footpaths are everywhere and are used by everyone, including corporate employees rushing to the company in a suit. Don't you have your own two wheels? You will find the rental shop without any problems.

What's worth seeing in Copenhagen?

When it comes to cycling facilities, the Danish capital cannot be overlooked. It has a lot to be proud of in this regard. Although many people mainly associate Amsterdam with bikes, it is Amsterdam that is considered the most cyclist-friendly metropolis. And this is just the beginning of a long list of advantages of this city. If you're going camping in Copenhagen, you don't have to worry about boredom. Tourists can visit numerous architectural monuments, palaces and castles as well as museums such as the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek or the Danish National Museum. See the Amalienborg Palace Complex, Kastellet Citadel and Christiansborg Parliament House.

We already know what to see in Copenhagen, but we also recommend going to points outside the city - or a bit further. Among others, to Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world, to the Danish Riviera and Funen, where Andersen was born. On the island of Mon there are white chalk cliffs about 120 meters high. It is a great place for hiking or biking tours. Would you like to visit a campsite by the sea in Denmark and enjoy activities by the shore? You will find a lot of attractive objects there.

Campsites in Denmark

Apart from landscapes and monuments, Denmark is distinguished by an extensive caravanning infrastructure. Danish campsites are modern, well-equipped and, above all, located in most attractive places. There are almost half a thousand of them here ... Fans of relaxation in the bosom of nature will be delighted. More than one campsite on the Danish coast awaits them, as well as centers in the middle of the land, including in major cities.

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