North Jutland – campsites

If you like close contact with nature, North Jutland will steal your heart. You will love it alone, together or with children. This is a unique region of Denmark.

Has anyone heard of Skagen, where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet? If there is such a person here, he should visit North Jutland. This view is memorable! Nevertheless, there are many more tourist attractions in Denmark.

Campsites found



By motorhome to North Jutland

Visiting northern Denmark with a house on wheels is a bull's-eye. You can take it, for example, to Ribe or to the island of Rømø. The landscapes are beautiful, although the stay itself has some limitations. You will not spend the night, for example, on the beach. You are only allowed to stay at the campsite and in the designated area (stellplatz). The main reason for the ban is safety - especially at high tide.

Denmark is a caravanning-friendly country. You will find camping shelters at many points. Forest parking lots are waiting for you, often with bonfire zones. At the same time, observe the signs so as not to park where it is prohibited.

What to see in the north of Denmark?

Go to the island of Laeso and get to know Aalborg, a historic center of great importance. See the North Sea Aquarium in Hirsthals. Have a great holiday!

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