Central Jutland – campsites

Fjords, cliffs and hills with heather. This is Central Jutland, one of the five regions of Denmark. Would you like to go camping there? A great idea, especially when you love raw nature and you are not afraid of the wind.

Denmark may not be as popular for cavaners as Croatia or Italy, but there are more and more people who want to get to know it. Its attractions tempt those who would like to escape from civilization even for a few days. It is better to go from Poland to Denmark with a motorhome for at least a week.

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Campervan holiday in the heart of Denmark

If you plan to stay in this region of the country, you can go to the east or to the west. The first option attracts with sandy beaches. On the other hand, the second one will appeal to enthusiasts of sightseeing on foot. It is also a suitable destination for lovers of water sports. For fans of windsurfing, we also recommend the north and Rinkobing located on it.

What is worth visiting on holiday in Central Jutland? Certainly the main city of the region, Viborg, as well as Aarhus.

Camping in Central Jutland

Traveling the next kilometers in a motorhome, come to Ebeltoft with the smallest Danish town hall. Explore the lakeside land of Seheyland and Silkeborg and the Historical Museum. It will be a great vacation!

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