Adria with Truma or ALDE heating - we choose heating

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For decades, solutions for heating recreational vehicles have been an integral part of the equipment, and not only among winter caravanning enthusiasts. In addition to a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle, thanks to them, we have the ability to heat water or dry things in the garage / lockers.

In recent years, progress in this field has been impressive. Today we will look at the two most popular solutions used in ADRIA vehicles. The Slovenian manufacturer's model portfolio includes both universal models of family caravans for all conditions, as well as fully winter-proof motorhomes for demanding travelers.

Truma - heating for everyone

Truma stoves are available in a number of versions and varieties adapted to different needs and specifics of vehicles. They are the basic equipment of the vast majority of models. The name of the manufacturer (Truma) plus the extension Combi means that the stove can heat the air and is equipped with a hot water boiler.

The number after the name indicates the heating power of the device in kilowatts. Currently, the most commonly used models are versions 4 and 6 - as indicated by the designation, individual versions are intended for smaller or larger vehicles.

Truma stoves can be powered by gas or diesel fuel (version D), and even be equipped with additional electric heaters, very useful, for example, at a campsite (version DE).

Regardless of the source of power, Combi stoves are typical "dry" heating, as the heat carrier is heated air. The advantage of this solution is the fact that the heated air stream allows you to achieve thermal comfort relatively quickly.

Ventilation pipes lead from the stove to the air outlet points (usually located in benches or building elements). Most often, the outlet openings have the option of directing the air flow or choking it/closing it. The control system itself depends on the model - the basic Combi 4 models found in motorhomes and caravans can be equipped with knobs, the more advanced ones have digital panels compatible with the Truma App and ADRIA MACH applications.

The range of Truma devices also includes elements that complement the heating functionality (e.g. Crash Sensor valves that allow us to travel with an open gas cylinder, and even valves that switch the power supply between cylinders when the gas in one of them runs out).

In general, apart from the speed of action, the advantages of the solution include the favorable price, low space requirement inside the vehicle, simple operation, protection against freezing of the boiler and the water system (Frost Control valve), as well as low weight.

Truma heating can be found in the standard specification of the Aviva, Altea and Adora series caravans, as well as in most motorhomes from the Compact model, through Coral and Matrix, to the Sonic integrated.

ALDE - the best heating for demanding winter travelers

Completely different assumptions guided the designers when creating the so-called. "wet" heating. We are dealing here with an advanced system consisting of a central unit with a boiler and a liquid system based on a mixture of glycol/antifreeze and closed in sealed pipes.

As a rule, the principle of operation is similar to home solutions. The heat sources here are usually small radiators located in different zones of the vehicle or even the entire floor. From a conceptual and performance point of view, it is a system that will be perfect especially for longer trips in winter, even frosty conditions.

The heat is distributed evenly, we are not dealing here with masses of heated, dry air blown pointwise. From the point of view of thermal comfort, users who have tried ALDE once mostly remain faithful to this solution. ALDE is not a system that can be "added" to a vehicle just like that.

We will usually find it on the option list of premium manufacturers specializing in vehicles designed for journeys in difficult conditions. These are ADRIA Coral and Matrix in the Plus and Supreme varieties (semi-integrated), as well as the prestigious fully integrated Sonic and Supersonic.

Caravan enthusiasts can choose wet heating in the ADORA and ALPINA models, as well as in the top ASTELLA. If such heating is already on board the vehicle, we can be sure that it is ready for the most demanding winter conditions. However, we must remember that the weight may be even several dozen kilograms more compared to "dry" heating. Users of motorhomes with a DMC of 3.5 tons should pay particular attention to this aspect.

Of course, also here the manufacturer allows you to control the temperature and functions via the ALDE panel and application or the company's MACH Smart Control solution. This helps not only to check the status and issue commands, but also to diagnose any faults. A frequently chosen option of ALDE is a heat exchanger connected to the engine, which can draw heat from it, but also heat it, facilitating starting on frosty days.

Insulation and heating are the key to success

Of course, the best heating is useless without proper insulation of the entire vehicle. In this respect, the Slovenian brand keeps up with the times, and the advanced construction called COMPREX in combination with XPS foam and a double floor system are solutions that put the manufacturer at the forefront.

Ultimately, the decision regarding the choice of the heating system itself belongs to the user and depends on preferences, lifestyle and of course ... budget. If you do not travel often in winter, and most of your journeys take place in the seasons with positive temperatures, then you will be perfectly served by choosing the TRUMA solution.

If you are amateurs of year-round caravanning and you often travel around the northern countries or ski down mountain slopes in the coldest conditions, then you should definitely take a closer look at ALDE products.

You can learn more about Adria vehicles from the official representative of the brand in Poland - ELCAMP GROUP -

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