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It must be amazing - to stand on the shore of the European land, knowing that you are standing in front of a huge ocean, immeasurable amounts of water, and the nearest dry land behind it is the American continent stretching far and wide. This water is the Atlantic Ocean, and the European land on which we stand is the rocky cape Pointe du Raz, located in Brittany, in the north-west of France.

The two extremes of Brittany

Brittany is a picturesque region full of romance, a bit mysterious and raw. Capricious when it comes to weather. With a Catholic tradition deeply rooted in history and culture - pilgrimages, indulgences, a large number of regional saints, countless chapels and stone roadside crosses, as well as calvaries (sculptures carved in stone). Holidays in Brittany will be a great time for lovers of the countryside and green areas (including pastures), party people may be rather bored. There are many tiny towns in the region that look as if time had stopped there. Tourists' eyes glide with pleasure over stone houses decorated with flowers hanging from balconies and window sills.


An example of such a place is the town of Locronan , with its medieval architecture and its name derived from the name of an Irish monk who came here to evangelize Brittany. The area is dominated by a large church with two entrances, which makes the temple look like two buildings joined together. It stands next to the market square, where tourist traffic is concentrated - in the summer it is quite crowded. However, the town is green and quiet around it. In the past, flax fields grew here, which contributed to the enrichment of the inhabitants. Today you can breathe and relax there during a leisurely walk. The above-mentioned Pointe du Raz is a temperamental tourist alternative to intimate, quiet places. If someone wants a shot of adrenaline while visiting France , and specifically the Breton Peninsula, they will find plenty of it there. According to various sources, there is no more dangerous place for ships during a storm - anywhere in the world. And even without a storm, you can experience unforgettable emotions by stepping carefully on the rocks attacked from all sides.

Visit to Finistère

When wandering through Brittany, it is worth visiting the Finistère department. Its prefecture is the pretty, small city of art and history, Quimper . It is situated where the Odet River flows into the Atlantic Ocean . A number of cobblestone streets run through the oldest part of the city, surrounded by half-timbered houses. Buildings with a black and white checkered pattern look beautiful, homely and cozy. The small bridges crossing the river are fabulously flowered with geranium beds. The eyes are happy while walking! Quimper also attracts lovers of religious architecture - in the old part of the city there is the Gothic cathedral of Saint Corentin, with frescoes, stained glass windows and medieval tombs inside. In the Locmaria district there is a 12th-century Romanesque church, one of the oldest religious monuments in the department. The city's attractions also include the Faience Museum, located in a former ceramic factory. Quimper is not only the main town of Finistère - it regularly hosts festivals important for the region. This is the cultural heart of Brittany.

Camping on the Crozon Peninsula


Where can we find accommodation near Quimper ? The nice, intimate place is located approx. 28 km away (going north), in a quiet and green area. It is located in the town of Châteaulin, and anyone who loves cycling, fishing or is simply enchanted by the landscapes of Brittany and would like to spend more time in the region will enjoy their stay there. This is Camping de Rodaven - a great base for one-day trips to Finistère, located in the heart of the department. The following are waiting to be discovered: the Crozon peninsula, the bay of Douarnenez and, of course, the Pointe du Raz, one of the four great attractions of France. The campsite is approximately a 10-minute walk from the center of Châteaulin.

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