Atlantic Pyrenees - the treasure of (two) nations

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The Atlantic Pyrenees, also known as the Western Pyrenees, is a beautiful department in the southwest of France. It is made up of the historic province of Béarn and the French part of the Basque Country, and its prefecture is the city of Pau. As a cross-border mountain range located on the border between Spain and France, the Atlantic Pyrenees are quite a tourist attraction - a strong point on the map of Europe for all lovers of raw nature and active recreation.

Franco-Spanish treasure - the Western Pyrenees

For some, the range resembles the Alps a bit (due to limestone ridges and deep valleys), and among the many advantages of the region are the abundance of forests and the number of generally accessible shelters and huts. It is impossible to ignore the freedom of camping and lighting fires. A tourist who has decided to spend a vacation in the Atlantic Pyrenees will feel fully connected with nature. Both the French and Spanish parts of the range are geologically and biologically diverse. In the north, deciduous forests predominate, many of which have their original character - the last representatives of the Pyrenean bears can be found there. In turn, the southern part, due to better sunlight, is covered with more species of thermophilic flora, and conifers are dominant among trees. Compared to the northern part, there are also more pastures here. The villages are located at the foot of the mountains and in the lower parts of the valleys. The main tourist traffic is concentrated under the Pierre Saint Martin passes (Arette la Pierre Saint Martin resort) and Somport (Candanchu resort). In other parts of the region, it is rather small, so visitors can enjoy a comfortable contact with nature. The downside of hiking along this range is poor marking of the routes, which can be difficult for inexperienced tourists, as is the lack of signposts at some trail crossings.


We are visiting France

The above-mentioned Béarn is a picturesque province famous not only for its beauty, but also from its name the name of the bearnaise sauce. As you can read on the web, regardless of whether a tourist is looking for historical attractions here, is a fan of spectacular landscapes, or maybe he wants to go shopping - he will find it all here. What is worth seeing while relaxing in Béarn ? An enthusiast of visiting monuments should see the castle in Làas and get acquainted with the UNESCO-listed Hôpital-Saint-Blaise. Relaxation and relaxation await tourists in the Salies-de-Béarn thermal baths, while those who love mountain landscapes can go on a trip by a special small train (Artouste). Spelunkers will probably visit Sare and Betharram, and gorge lovers will visit Holzarte. Béarn is also beautiful, climatic cities such as Pau, St Jean Pied de Port or BAB - Bayonne, Anglet and Biarritz. A few words also deserve Navarrenx , considered one of the most beautiful villages in France. It is the first French village with fortifications and is also one of the points of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. It is worth adding that cigars are produced here.

Camping in Béarn


Béarn is an ideal region for active holidays. An interesting offer for people looking for accommodation has a small family facility located in the vicinity of Pau - Camping Beau Rivage . Its location will appeal especially to lovers of walking and cycling (beautiful routes around the campsite and landscapes that can be admired during a leisurely ride), enthusiasts of fishing and rafting will also be pleased. On the other hand, the center of Pau with restaurants, bars and shops is just a few hundred meters away, so you can both get to know the surrounding attractions and have easy access to tourist facilities. We have everything at hand. In about an hour we will reach the coast, a similar path has to be covered to get to the slopes of the Pyrenees.

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