Camping Pyrenees

The South of France is a great holiday destination for people who love campsites surrounded by high mountains, where you can breathe clean air and enjoy the sunny weather. In addition to hiking on the mountain trails, you can go to the river and try regional dishes in one of the beautiful towns of the region, such as Cauterets, Lourdes and Pau.

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Where are the Pyrenees located?

The Pyrenees stretches over 500 kilometers on the border between France and Spain, with the independent principality of Andorra sandwiched between them. The highest peak – Aneto rises at an altitude of 3,404 meters on the Spanish side. The French Pyrenees lie in the regions of the Eastern Pyrenees, Aude, Ariège, Upper Garonne, Haute-Pyrenees and Atlantic Pyrenees.

Pyrenees National Park

The valuable nature of the French Pyrenees is protected in the Pyrenees National Park. Limestone forms are protected, including karst valleys and caves, as well as glacier circuses, such as the mighty Cirque de Gavarnie. The park is home to around 70 species of mammals, including endangered species such as the Pyrenean desman. Vegetation is also very diverse – among the 124 species observed, 25 are endemic species unique to the Pyrenees. A characteristic feature of the Pyrenean landscapes are numerous streams which in many places form large waterfalls. The highest of them is the Grande Cascade de Gavarnie waterfall on the Gave de Pau river, 462 meters high. 

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