Camping Brittany

Brittany, although it covers a small area, is very diverse in terms of topography. Facing the Atlantic, the north and west coasts are mostly rocky, while the south, facing the Bay of Biscay, is more sandy and gentler, with more beaches and harbor coves. The landscape is diversified by the Monts d'Arrée mountain range from east to west. For the most part, however, Brittany is an agricultural region, with tourists coming mainly to the Breton coast. An additional magnet attracting holidaymakers is the temperate oceanic climate with slight temperature differences throughout the year. Campsites in France – Brittany are the perfect choice for a warm, lazy holiday.

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Where is Brittany?

Brittany, with its capital in Rennes, is the most western region of France, located on the Breton Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean. It borders the English Channel to the north, the Bay of Biscay to the south, Normandy to the northeast and the Pays de la Loire to the southeast.

Brittany – attractions

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Brittany are the oceanariums: Grand Aquarium in Saint Malo and Océanopolis in Brest. An interesting experience may also be the participation in the largest music festival in France, Vieilles Charrues Festival, held annually in July in Carhaix. Among the other attractions of Brittany, a curiosity are the monuments left by the Celts who once lived in this area. Celtic traditions are also present in Breton folk music, which can be heard at Celtic festivals organized here, such as the Festival Interceltique in Lorient. 

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