Haute-Normandie – campsites

Upper Normandy is the perfect place to relax – its location on the English Channel gives access to water and beaches, and the proximity of the Île-de-France region and Paris makes this region a perfect base for the most famous French attractions. In Normandy you will find campsites by the beach and in the vicinity of the most famous historic towns.

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Haute-Normandie pearls

The pearls of Upper Normandy are the beautiful cities, headed by the capital of the region – Rouen. The city is distinguished by historic buildings with half-timbered houses, which give the old town a unique cozy atmosphere. In Rouen, you must also see the 14th-century clock installed in the Renaissance arch at Rue de Gros-Horologe and the gothic cathedral that inspired Claude Monet to paint a whole series of paintings depicting this monumental building at different times of the day.

Other noteworthy cities are: located on the river Iton Évreux, which symbol is a beautiful gothic cathedral, and Le Havre – the largest port city in France with a large pebble beach, numerous monuments and restaurants. One of the symbols of Upper Normandy is the more than two-kilometer long Normandy Bridge over the Seine, connecting Honfleur and Le Havre. The bridge itself is an unforgettable attraction. 

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