Rhône-Alpes – campsites

Rhône-Alpes is one of the most beautiful regions in France, with olive groves, lavender fields, vineyards, mountains and valleys. The valuable nature of the region is protected in eight nature parks. The French Alps is a perfect holiday destination for people who appreciate camping close to nature.

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Mont Blanc, Ardèche and other treasures

The pearl of the Rhône-Alpes region is Mont Blanc rising to a height of about 4,808 meters. One of the best views of this highest alpine peak is from the Contamines-Montjoie ski area. The region also has the most beautiful French lakes: Bourget, Annecy and part of Lake Geneva (shared with Switzerland). Stunning views are presented by the Gorges de l'Ardèche, known as the Grand Canyon of Europe. This is one of the popular destinations of tourists who want to be in close contact with nature. Kayaking, speleological, canyoning and climbing tours are organized on the Ardèche River, which has carved this extraordinary isthmus into the rocks. There are hiking and biking trails around the gorge, and also campings – Ardèche is a real paradise for any adventurous traveler!

Lyon or maybe Grenoble?

Rhône-Alpes is not only beautiful nature, but also beautiful cities. The largest in the region is Lyon, whose historic part with its Gothic and Renaissance monuments has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to the architectural gems, there are many interesting museums, a zoo, a botanical garden, as well as monuments from Roman times. Another point of interest in the Rhône-Alpes region is Grenoble, whose biggest attraction is the cable car to the 16th-century fortress on a hill overlooking the city. It is also worth visiting the archaeological museum with Roman excavations. 

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