Lower Normandy – campsites

Lower Normandy offers its visitors an unprecedented wealth of monuments. One of the unique and especially valuable places on a global scale is the island of Mont Saint-Michel with a centuries-old pilgrimage tradition. Tourists will find a lot of entertainment here, but also rest on the beach in one of the resorts located by the waters of the English Channel – Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, Vierville-sur-Mer or Deauville. Basse-Normandie welcomes you to a family camping close to the sea and the most important monuments of Normandy.

Campsites found


The one and only island of Mont Saint-Michel

The most visited place in Lower Normandy is the small tidal island of Mont Saint-Michel on the English Channel with a Benedictine abbey that towers over its dense buildings. The monastery has been a popular pilgrimage destination since its foundation in the 10th century. In addition to the buildings of the Benedictine abbey, the island has a hotel, souvenir shops and restaurants specializing in Norman cuisine, as well as museums such as the Historical Museum.

Attractions of Lower Normandy

In addition to the undisputed star of Lower Normandy – the island of Mont Saint-Michel, it is also worth visiting interesting cities such as Caen, Avranches, Argentan and Lisieux. In each of them we will find interesting places and attractions. In Caen, the largest city in Lower Normandy, the main monuments include: an 11th-century castle with massive, thick walls, which houses the Museum of Fine Arts and the Normandy Museum, Saint-Étienne Abbey founded in 1063 by William the Conqueror, Sainte-Trinité Abbey and the Church of St. Paul. Children and teenagers will have a great time at the Festyland amusement park in Caen – roller coasters, water rides and water slides are attractions for the whole family! In Avranches it is worth taking a walk in the flower garden, in Argentan you can see the 14th-century prince's castle, and Lisieux delights with its architecture. 

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