Camping Occitania

Occitania is located in the south-west and south-east of France. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, it is quite mountainous – one fifth of its area is covered by the Pyrenees massif. It is a perfect place for active recreation! You can choose from campsites by the sea and in the mountains, both quiet and peaceful, as well as lively campsites with many attractions.

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Occitania – France undiscovered

Interestingly, Occitania as an administrative region has only existed since 2016. However, it has everything you need for a great holiday: sea, sandy beaches, stunning mountain landscapes, sunny weather and beautiful cities. It is worth stopping by, among others, in the capital of the region – Toulouse, Montpellier called the little Paris, Narbonne full of wonderful monuments or Béziers with the huge cathedral towering over the buildings.

Occitania attractions

There are many leisure options in Occitania. There are cycling and walking routes here, and because the climate is favorable for viticulture, there are also wine routes where you can taste the fine wines produced here. You can also discover the region from the perspective of a barge or a boat on the South Channel. Children will love the Cité de l'Espace science center, Cosmic City in Toulouse, zoo and aquarium in Montpellier, and Grotte des Demoiselles cave near Nîmes. 

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