2 days in Arco, occasion, memory of the Habsburg Empire

2 days in Arco, occasion, memory of the Habsburg Empire – main image

Two days in Arco di Trento, in the Garda Trentino area? It may not be much, but with good organization it is enough to experience the wonderful atmosphere of a city located a bit from Lake Garda. The biggest attraction is undoubtedly the famous castle towering over the village, popular especially among painters and poets.

Art Nouveau villas, elegant gardens and buildings all catch the eye as a living trace of the former Habsburg Empire. As there is a specific microclimate here, Arco has always had a reputation as a health resort for people suffering from respiratory diseases. It was also a favorite place of the then aristocracy, especially representatives of the aforementioned dynasty, who liked to come here to improve their health. The mild climate and moderate temperatures made it worth visiting even in winter.

As then, also today Arco welcomes tourists with the same good energy. It is the perfect place for an outdoor holiday . If you come from the north, the cliff on which the 12th-century castle rises will surely catch your attention.

Castle, the symbol of Arco

A visit to the castle is a must! Along the way, you can admire Mediterranean olive groves (make sure to try the famous extra virgin olive oil, the pride of Garda Trentino when staying in Arco!). At the end of this path, you will see a fortified structure that once belonged to the princes of Arco. You will discover parts of the castle one by one, from Prato della Lizza , to Torre Grande , to Prigione del Sasso and Sala degli Affreschi . And this is not the end, because the towers of the Torre Renghera rise above. The castle appears in several guises on the famous canvases of Dürer. With a bit of luck, you might even come across ... a wedding at the castle ! The castle, like the local casino or the hall in the beautiful Palazzo Giuliani, is one of the most frequently chosen places for celebrations and important events.

Arboretum: a place where nature flourishes

As time is pressing, it's time to move on to the next item on the agenda, which is the Arboretum , an impressive park surrounding a villa built by the Archduke of Austria, Albert VII. You can admire many species of trees in the park (about 150 of them come from Asia, America and Africa, as well as from Europe). Some of them are quite rare: pay attention to the Lawson cypress with its distinctive candelabra shape! In the shade of its branches, on one of the tables, you can organize a family picnic.

Active recreation: bicycle routes

A picturesque bicycle route leads from Arco to Dro. When you reach Ceniga, one of the municipalities in the Dro area, follow the signs to reach a bridge that remembers the times of the ancient Romans (although it is not entirely certain who built it). Cross the bridge, from which you can admire the beautiful view of the Sarca river valley, and then you will go back to Arco, but on the way it is worth stopping at the hermitage of Saint Paul for a while. It comes from the 12th century and was built under the rocks. It is only open on Sundays in July and August, so if you are planning a trip to Arco during the summer months, keep that in mind.

You can also take the bicycle route from Arco to beaches such as Torbole and Riva del Garda. If you spend two days in Arco, it is impossible to forget about a trip to the lake. At least one day is worth spending some time relaxing in the sunshine and having an aperitif in the fresh air!

Shops and shopping

Antique enthusiasts will appreciate this aspect of visiting Arco: on the third Saturday of every month, a flea market takes place in the city center. Antiques dealers wait for you from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and even until 7 p.m. in summer. Via Segantini is the most important shopping arcade in the city. Fans of outdoor sports , especially climbing, will surely find something for themselves here. There are many climbing shops on this street, because you have to know that Arco is the world capital of this sport. This is where the annual Rock Master Festival takes place.

But since you're only coming for two days, it would be good to kick back and relax in the first place, right? Maybe you would like to go with a good book to a secluded beach by the Sarca River? Or maybe you will take your four-legged friend with you (Arco has Beaches where your dog will be able to run freely).

At the end of your two-day stay in Arco, in the Garda Trentino area, remember to try some regional dishes such as carne salada . In the alleys of the old Habsburg city you will find plenty of atmospheric restaurants in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, there are also plenty of opportunities to spend time actively, if you like sports or sightseeing (by the way, art lovers will definitely want to visit the Giovanni Segantini Gallery, dedicated to an outstanding representative of the trend known as Divisionism. Segantini was born in Arco) ).

Admittedly, two days is not enough to fully appreciate the attractions of Arco, but at the beginning it is enough and enough to encourage you to come back quickly. Because everyone wants to come back here, right?

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