Unpleasant souvenir from holidays

Unpleasant souvenir from holidays – main image

Holidays are associated with relaxation, warmth, sand and bare feet. Unfortunately, a large group of people is also associated with stress and complexes related to ... bare feet.

The title of the article is a bit perverse, because we are dealing with something that we can encounter anywhere, not only on vacation. However, in summer, it does not allow itself to be forgotten and forces the people affected to apply practices aimed at concealing the damage caused by it. What are we talking about? About mycosis, an unpleasant and somewhat embarrassing ailment, considered to be one of the most dangerous modern diseases. And probably rightly so. According to statistics, almost every second Pole suffers from athlete's foot, and every fourth - from onychomycosis.

Skin mycosis - a crouching enemy

Our feet can be cracked, dry and with calloused skin, but problems such as corns and hardening of heels can be easily remedied by a pedicure or a decent peeling. It is different when itchy redness and blisters appear on the skin of the feet, gradually spreading to the next toes. Nails change color, get thicker and start to crumble. The skin is peeling, burning and hurting. In winter , clear signs of ringworm can be hidden with socks and shoes, but what to do in summer? Tiring the feet in covered shoes causes an intensive development of the disease, which is thus ensured by the ideal living conditions.

Nowadays, mycosis can be successfully treated (although it likes to come back). The problem is so common that more than a dozen ways have been developed to get rid of it, ranging from ointments to laser therapy. However, it is enough to follow a few basic recommendations so that you do not have to stress in the summer that we cannot put on flip-flops or sandals, because our feet are damaged by unsightly bubbles, and the sight of our nails deprives our appetite.

How to protect yourself against mycosis?

It is not without reason that shoe stores place great emphasis on measuring shoes with socks. Ringworm is very contagious , so you need to be vigilant. It is similar with borrowing shoes or towels - at home, on the beach or during a trip, when we jointly rent a caravan, bungalow or tent. When using camping showers, you absolutely must not forget to stand under the stream of water in flip-flops. Caution should also be exercised in the swimming pool.

It's not about getting paranoid. You just need to remember these few rules to only read or hear about mycosis. It's best to learn from someone else's mistakes . Thanks to this, we will be able to parade in sandals without embarrassment on a holiday vacation or during a winter vacation on the beach in a warm country.


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