Children and motion sickness

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How to properly prepare for a long journey when a child suffering from motion sickness is traveling with us? What to take with you and how to help him without stuffing him with medications?

"Mom, are we still far?" that's not the only thing that can make our journey unpleasant. There is also another - much worse, the more so when it concerns our children. Kinetosis, or motion sickness, is a tormenting condition for both children and adults. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to combat this ailment.

The cause of nausea, fatigue, general fatigue, as well as increased sweating and dizziness are problems with the discrepancy of signals that reach the brain of the vehicle passenger. The body cannot find itself in a situation where the labyrinth informs the brain that the body is at rest, and the eyes register the fact that it is moving (changing landscapes outside the window). Additionally, a child suffering from motion sickness may feel worse when the car is poorly ventilated. The smell of the exhaust fumes can also cause nausea.

How to prepare a child for travel?

It is best to start the day on which we are going to start with an easily digestible meal . We prepare the toddler, for example, a sandwich with a delicate sausage and tea (slightly sweetened). It is best to give up dairy products. We serve him breakfast about an hour before departure.

As mentioned above, kinetosis, or rather the ailments associated with it, is caused by a contradiction in the data received by the brain. To prevent them, you can put your child in the front - of course, in a car seat. A passing landscape is perceived very differently when a descendant can view it from the front, not as "fleeing" trees.

During the trip

It is a good idea to outsmart motion sickness by not eating while driving . There will be time for eating a sandwich, drinking a lens, etc., and these will be frequent when traveling with a child.

In addition, parents can engage the toddler's attention with various games - here we are only limited by our imagination. Let's not forget to take a few of your favorite stuffed animals with you to make him feel more confident, despite the new impressions.

Let's go!

Thanks to this procedure, our little-year-old can travel with us even a long journey without ailments. Of course, a nasty accident can happen and you should be prepared for that. If a child becomes increasingly irritable and grumpy, he may alert you to impending danger. Then it's best to look for a place to stop right away. If we do not make it, we will be assisted by an emergency kit prepared especially for such an event in the form of a clean set of clothes, wet wipes, a roll of toilet paper, as well as a bottle of mineral water and bags for dirty clothes.

Motion sickness isn't the end of the world. It can be defeated, and certainly outsmarted.


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