Repair of components in motorhomes - unpleasant experiences

When preparing a vehicle for departure, many of us act well in advance, so as not to be left with the proverbial "hand in the potty" at the last minute. The older the equipment and the more electronics, the easier it is to be tricked. I myself created a kind of a checklist that allows you to check off other elements point by point.


Adventure Van Overland Trophy 2022

The autumn calendar of meetings and caravanning rallies could not be complete without an event organized by specialists from Adventure Van Conversions. Every day they create brilliant expedition cars for uncompromising exploration of roads and wilderness, and on September 16, for the fourth time, they invite you to an unconventional rally! The event will be hosted by Camping Słoneczna Przystań in Klimkówka on the Klimkówka Reservoir.

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Half-integrated games on babies - new ideas for building T6.1

Volkswagen in the successive covers of its small vans over the years has been the basis for many manufacturers who have tried in the best way to create the perfect fusion between its compactness and comfort / usability of the body. In a way, traveling in the little buskampers will always be a great deal of a compromise. Several manufacturers went a step further, significantly increasing the residential shell attached to the base car from the VW stable, but so far there were rather niche designs / produced in small series. In 2023, the Knaus-Tabbert concern decided to once again lean over the concept of a compact motorhome on the popular Volkswagen, presenting several variants at once, including a very futuristic proposal, which will be discussed in a moment.

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Luxury in French - Sterckeman Evolution 580 PE KID'S

In the latest installment of the title trailer, the Sterckeman brand belonging to the Trigano group proves that a caravan designed for a family can be a luxurious, all-year-round vehicle without compromise. The total length is 755 cm (the length of the building itself is 640 cm), and the empty weight is 1352 kg (with a GVM of 1600 kg, and optionally up to 1800 kg). The model is designed for up to 6 people. The Evolution series is by no means new, but for the 2023 model year both the equipment and the list of add-ons offered in 3 packages will be modified.

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France elegance - 60 years of the Pilote brand

I can't believe how fast time flies. When writing about modern vehicles participating in the current equipment and design "arms race", I often forget the long history and heritage of some manufacturers. Pilote is another important precursor that has had a significant impact on the development of the entire industry. Looking at the illustrations of the first caravan and motorhome constructions, it is hard to resist the impression that they were cars with a soul, and the emerging fashion for caravanning must have been a magical period. At the beginning, caravans were the core of production - until 1983. In the meantime, in 1978, the production of motorhomes was started, which to this day are the main subject of activity. In 1990, Pilote takes over Frankia, another precursor and brand that invented the concept of a double floor in recreational vehicles. In the following years, acquisitions of other brands increase the potential of the entire group and allow it to go out into the open, while confidently developing many segments of the caravanning market. Currently, the number of distributors reaches 300 points worldwide, and (interestingly) the group is still 100%


Warsaw Caravanning Center - all in one place

The Warsaw Caravanning Center has already become a permanent element of the landscape not only of the capital, but also of the entire country. The impressive selection of caravan and motorhome brands as well as professional service attract travelers and potential customers from all over Poland. On the other hand, the service point for motorhomes launched on the premises of the company is a reason for many to come by "passing through" and visit the salon and the accessories store. WCC is not only vehicles and dedicated service. Created by enthusiasts, the company aims to create a comprehensive offer for active globetrotters, including the latest trends in spending free time. We had the opportunity to talk to Michał Dąbrowski, responsible for accessories, about the complementary offer.


After Jastarnia, before Düsseldorf and Poznań - the fair in 2022

The Caravaning Summer Show, which ended last weekend, attracted over a dozen companies distributing vehicles, accessories and rental specialists. For the industry, this event is not so much a meeting place for industry "stagers" eager for news, but rather an opportunity for backstage talks and analysis of the market situation. This year, the main topics were the condition of the industry, galloping prices of base vehicles and components, and declining demand. The industry is still doing well, but the streak is clearly slowing down. Balcamp, for example, showed their latest vehicles, two versions of bodies on the short and long Renault Trafic were shown by the Tri-City dealer Zdunek (the car manufacturer is Wavecamper from Greater Poland). The stand of the Krakow ELCAMP was interesting - taking over the distribution of the DOREMA brand was emphasized by the display of inflatable vestibules and tents. The manufacturer's offer includes instantly set up models for motorhomes, caravans and buses. We will definitely come back to this topic, because these are fantastic, light and durable structures. As many as 2 manufacturers showed the latest superstructures for pick-up cars (AZAR and Tischner). The portfolio of suppliers was completed by an exhibition of several recently very popular LARK mobile homes, as well as Saxdor motor boats with an interesting sleeping cabin solution (lifted sundeck on the bow). Traditionally, representatives of the Silesian Panda Camp tents, campers and caravans rental could not be absent - their roof tents will accommodate the whole family or a group of friends.

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Family vacation at Camp Umag

Tourists love Croatia for many reasons. They love it for its beautiful views and good cuisine, and the nice weather you can expect on your vacation is also important. The diversified coastline is appreciated by fans of watersports, and the picturesque beaches - by everyone. Croatia is chosen by fans of active holidays and those who want to lie in the sun blissfully. This direction is liked by people of all ages, couples, groups of friends or families with children. If you are passionate about tennis, we recommend the north-west coast of Istria. If not especially - we also recommend them. We guarantee that you will like Umag, a city sometimes referred to as the Croatian gateway to Europe.

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Camping Čikat - a family paradise on a Croatian island

Our editorial holiday trip this year was a trip to several countries, with the final in Croatia, to which we are always happy to return. With a few teams with countless children, we felt (and how!) That the most appropriate choice would be a family campground with attractions and amenities for everyone. Since the true climate and charm of Croatia, according to many, can be experienced especially on the islands, the goal of our exploration was the island - specifically Lošinj, on whose promontory, in the town of Mali Lošinj, we visited the famous camp Čikat.

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Caravanning bubble - are we close to the solstice?

With the first lockdown in March 2020, vendors in the caravanning industry felt a little scared. Nervous movements, uncertainty of tomorrow, fear for the boom, financing and availability. Some assumed that the industry could emerge from this crisis with a black eye. However, it soon turned out that the pandemic regulations and restrictions created extremely favorable conditions and an Eldorado for companies related to this branch of our economy. New rentals began to appear like mushrooms after the rain, and the sale of all recreational vehicles (caravans, motorhomes, vans for self-build) soared. The boom in the caravanning industry that started two years ago at that time had to face problems in the supply of components and base cars, dynamically galloping prices ... The waiting time for the dream vehicle often reached several months, and the dealers' exhibition areas were empty. Until now?

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What dear readers will see in a moment, does not fit into the traditional image of a motorhome. Science fiction fans will surely find here a lot of analogies to their favorite works and inventions, but in this case, as it turns out, fiction is only a step away from reality ... a company that builds a marketing envelope around this vehicle and its "dedicated" body. In a blink of an eye the photos went around the world, and the attention of many enthusiasts of modern gadgets and mobile lifestyle focused on "Form Camper".

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Trailers Bürstner - model guide

The German brand Bürstner is the quintessence of quality and a synonym for a trailer for demanding customers. The number of models can make many a headache. The rich and varied offer of trailers is nothing unusual for a manufacturer with over 50 years of experience and extensive technical facilities. Today we will introduce you to the individual product lines and their main features.