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Grilling is an integral part of caravanning life. For many, it is the fastest and simplest idea for a tasty meal, others have perfected the art of thermal cooking on the grill, implementing the most sophisticated recipes. Regardless of the level of culinary skill and preferences, every fan of grilled dishes should have the appropriate equipment at their disposal.

Traditional coal-fired grills are no longer an option for most of us due to several significant drawbacks: often problematic lighting, difficult regulation of combustion intensity, possibility of scorching/burning food, unpleasant smell, for example on clothes, and also (or perhaps above all) dangers of open flames and hot ashes. In many campsites and camping sites across Europe, the use of traditional barbecues and fire pits is expressly prohibited.

Today we will look at alternative, safe and healthy ways to grill, taking a closer look at the range of the market leader - the Cadac brand.
The company has 75 years of experience and currently belongs to the Dometic group. The product range is truly impressive and includes several models powered by gas and electricity.

Compact for cartridges - SAFARI CHEF 30 COMPACT LITE


When packing a camper or trailer, do you try to choose the most compact and light equipment possible? Safari Chef 30 will be the perfect companion for your travels. Powered by gas cartridges with a capacity of 227 g, the model is easy to use and extremely handy. Not only can you take it on a long trip, but it will also be perfect for a weekend picnic outside the city. The ultra-compact device (width: 23 cm, height: 30.4 cm, depth: 34.7 cm) weighs less than 4 kg and comes complete with 3 different cooking surfaces.


Regardless of whether you want to heat something in a pot or prepare something on the grill - you can do it quickly and without complications. The grill grate and baking tray have a special GreenGrill coating, and the integrated tray not only collects cooking residues, but also protects the burner against wind. A dedicated bag supplied with the device will ensure order and safe transport and storage.

Little chef - CADAC CITI CHEF 40 BLACK 30mbar

CADAC CITI CHEF 40 BLACK 30mbar Gas Grill

Citi Chef 40 is a solid, compact (width 42 cm, height 33 cm, depth 42 cm), portable (weight only 5.8 kg) gas grill to be placed on a countertop, table or cabinet. Inside, it is equipped with a stand on which we can place a pot or kettle. Of course, as standard, the device is delivered with an aluminum grill grate covered with a ceramic, non-adherent coating. The dripping fat accumulates under the fireplace in the outer gutter of the bowl - this makes the grill easy to keep clean. By choosing this model, you gain access to a full range of accessories - additional cooking surfaces, including a pizza stone or a paella pan. There is an integrated thermometer in the cover, thanks to which we can monitor the development of the situation on the burner. During transport , Citi Chef 40 disappears in a practical bag.

Gas grill in a CADAC CITI CHEF 40 bag

The warranty for this model is up to 5 years. Please remember about the necessary additional accessories. Since the average required operating pressure is 28-37 mBar, you will need a cylinder reducer and a pipe equipped with appropriate connectors. Alternatively, you can choose from 3 body colors.

A versatile powerhouse - CADAC CARRI 50


If you are looking for a free-standing model with a large grilling surface, you will definitely not pass by the Carri 50 BBQ . The diameter here is as much as 50 cm. The high-power round burner is made of stainless steel and equipped with a piezoelectric igniter. Thanks to precise temperature control, we can complete any culinary adventure. Thanks to the closed lid, we can use it like an oven and even stew food.

The CARRI 50 model is available in a number of versions, each of which can be equipped with a different set of surfaces. Depending on our preferences, we choose the "starter package" ourselves.


The grate with CADAC GreenGrill ceramic coating guarantees healthier and cleaner cooking. Importantly, in order to keep the equipment clean, it is almost completely removable. The included bags make storage and transportation easy. The total weight is approximately 10.5 kg - taking into account the possibilities and the size of the grilling surface

Carri Chef's aluminum legs are easy to unscrew and screw on. The spice shelf between the legs ensures order and stabilizes the structure. This particular model is also perfect as a garden gas grill.

Or maybe electricity? Electric CADAC E-BRAAI 40

CADAC E-BRAAI 40 Electric Grill

If you are not a fan of gas appliances and you spend most of your time on campsites with access to a power source, the E-BRAAI 40 electric grill may be the optimal choice. The 8 kg model is 48 cm wide, 35.5 cm high and 44.5 cm deep. The fireplace area we have at our disposal has a diameter of 40 cm. The option of temperature regulation in the range of 70-270 degrees Celsius is unique, which enables a wide range of applications, including "slow cooking". The temperature sensor is integrated in the grille and is not measured in the cover. The cover itself has four holes to optimize air circulation. The grease tray is, of course, easily removable and easy to clean.

E-Braai is equipped with an accessory stand, a GreenGrill ceramic-coated grill grate and a cover. For even more possibilities, the BBQ/Plancha and pizza stone are available as optional accessories. Of course, the set includes a transport bag.

Where to buy a Cadac gas grill?

If you are interested in Cadac grill models, be sure to visit the ELCAMP store and visit the company's YouTube channel, where many aspects related to these excellent products are shown and discussed.


Grill gazowy Cadac SAFARI CHEF 30 COMPACT LITE
Grill gazowy Cadac SAFARI CHEF 30 COMPACT LITE
Grill Gazowy CADAC CITI CHEF 40 BLACK  30mbar
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