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It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Situated on almost 120 islands, crisscrossed like tiny veins, with hundreds of channels. The city of love, symbolized by the bitter serenade sung by the gondolier on the Grand Canal. But also - a city that for centuries treated beauty as a duty, bringing to the walls of its palaces the most brilliant artists of the Italian Renaissance, so that they would create ever more magnificent palaces for the rulers of the city-republic, one of the richest in Europe at that time. For Venice. Holidays in Venice should last as long as we can feel the spirit of the city. Contrary to mass tourism, which shows customers the "instant" version of this amazing place, it is worth coming here several times to be able to admire all the seasons here.


Venice - a republic of beauty

Visiting Venice has always had a drawback for me - I have rarely been able to enjoy the view of the place because of the hundreds of tourists "wandering" around. Of course, for them I was also another "nomad" (and spoiling the view for the photo) - but at one point I really dreamed of being able to feel alone in magical Venice for a moment. And that's why I started visiting my beloved city off-season! Most tourists come here at the turn of spring and summer, when the day is long. For a change, I started choosing the last days of October and early spring - when the weather is not the best, but believe me, the autumn fog over the Grand Canal then gives this place a unique, unique atmosphere! In the same way, I started visiting the most important places on the city map. Thanks to this, I was able to have a beautiful Renaissance Doge's Palace all to myself one winter morning (well, almost ...). It is true that there is no chance that the famous heart of the city - St. Mark - it was ever empty, but on cold, early December mornings, I could only meet the inhabitants of Venice here, warming their hands with a hot capuccino . Another advantage of "off-season" holidays in Venice was ... relatively small traffic jams, which usually irritate tourists while crossing numerous narrow canals. I did not encounter traffic jams, but the price for this comfort was paid by my throat, which paid me for this wonderful experience with a cold. However, I will never forget the views that I was able to see then - it's nothing that omitting the mighty silhouette of St. Mark was hardly able to see her from behind the dense fog - the atmosphere of mystery and loneliness on the tiny boat was a sufficient reward for me!

Campsites in Venice


As an independent traveler, I have always avoided big hotels or characterless hostels. What's more, I prefer the possibility of rest in the bosom of nature over the bustle of the city. Therefore, when I was wondering what accommodation to choose in Venice , I decided to spend a few nights at the campground. It turned out to be an excellent solution! The campsites in Venice are a "traveler republic" - you can meet people from all over the world. What's more, all the amenities for guests are at the highest level - both toilets, as well as sports offer and animations for children. I loved Malibu Beach campsites right away - the bungalow I rented with my friends was comfortable and spacious (yes! You don't have to have your own trailer!), And the location right on the seashore with beach access meant that sometimes I enjoyed a walk along the shore instead of sightseeing. fresh sea air. The campsite is also extremely friendly for families with children, who always have at their disposal a fantastically equipped playground where they can go wild while parents enjoy all the flavors of pizza in an excellent restaurant.

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