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In the central part of Italy, on the border with Umbria and Tuscany, in the Lazio region is the beautiful Lake Bolsena with crystal clear water. It is fed by rainwater and underground springs, thanks to which its temperature never drops below 10 ° C. There are very charming towns on the lake (eg Bolsena or Viterbo). It is worth visiting them.

Lake Bolsena is the largest volcanic reservoir in Europe. It was formed about 370,000 years ago after the collapse of the Vulsini caldera. The lake covers an area of 114 km, while at its deepest point it is 146 meters deep. There is a very well developed flora and fauna in the area. Fishing enthusiasts can catch many types of fish in the lake (mainly carp, catfish, eels and pike), there are also crayfish and freshwater crabs. It is worth mentioning that the World Carp Classic carp competition is taking place on Lake Bolsena.

We visit towns by the lake

The largest town on Lake Bolsena is the town of the same name. This place became famous because of the Eucharistic miracle that happened there in 1263. During the Holy Mass celebrated in the Basilica of Santa Cristina, which still exists today, blood began to ooze from the host. In memory of this event, the construction of the famous cathedral in Orvieto was started.

The most atmospheric part of the city leads along a paved road to the top, where the medieval castle rises. The Rocca Menaldeschi della Cervara fortress is located at the highest point of Bolsena. Currently, there is a castle museum there, where we can see items from Etruscan times, and the famous Acquario di Bolsena - an aquarium with plants and fish from the lake.


The small town of Bolsena is a stop for pilgrims on the Francigena road to Rome. It runs through the main square of Bolsena - Piazza San Rocco , where the wonderful St. Roch. Entering the city through the Porta Fiorentina gate, you will reach the La Meduza store, where you can buy unusual Bolsena souvenirs (e.g. mysterious jellyfish).


Another must-see town on Lake Bolsena is Viterbo. This place is famous for its hot springs with health properties. Baths in this area have existed since antiquity. High-ranking church hierarchs eagerly used them in the Middle Ages. The geothermal waters around Viterbo are distinguished by high temperatures (+40 to +60 ° C) and high sulfur content.

Rest on Lake Bolsena

There are many holiday resorts around Lake Bolsena. It is especially worth paying attention to the largest of them, which is located in the town of Bolsena. This is Camping Valdisole , covering an area of 7 ha, partly located in a beautiful poplar forest. This resort is very comfortable and highly rated by guests who are looking for access to a sandy beach and a convenient location.

At the campsite, we can rent extremely comfortable and well-equipped holiday homes . We find there a kitchenette with a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a seating patio. The center also has plots with sanitary and electricity connections, where you can easily park your motorhome.


Camping Valdisole is a place where we can find many attractions . We can use the nearby beach and lake. It is the perfect place to practice water sports and even moor your own motorboat. The resort has a jogging track, football and volleyball courts, while children can use a safe playground .

It is worth noting that Camping Valdisole is a real paradise for lovers of good food . All because the best chefs in the region cook for guests there. At the restaurant there, you can taste fresh fish caught in Lake Bolsena. The delicacy of the area is Trattoria Da Picchietto, or whitefish roasted piglet. It is a fish made with spices (mainly sage, rosemary, garlic and fennel) and usually added to pork. Additionally, at Camping Valdisole there is a shop selling local products from the owners' farm.

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