Love stolen by mermaids

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In summer, Vieste turns into the holiday capital of Apulia. This region of Italy tempts with a large number of campsites, golden beaches, white limestone rocks and the greenery of Foresta Umbra, which soothes and brings coolness.

On the mountainous Gargano peninsula, in the Italian province of Foggia, lies Vieste, a resort named after the goddess of the hearth. In this region, Vesta had a special affection for the people of ancient Rome. Nowadays, the city spread over limestone rocks is not as quiet as one might suppose when you think about the patroness of a quiet, well-organized life, nevertheless families with children love to rest here.

White town

The resort is located on limestone rocks, and its buildings can be seen from the long stretch of sandy beach. The oldest part of Vieste lies on a rocky promontory that sharply plunges into the waters of the Adriatic Sea. The colors of the surroundings are dominated by white and pastels - the walls of the houses are white and the facades are in a shade of light ocher.


The port is an extremely important place for both fishermen and tourists. Every day, ships depart from it to the Marine Grottoes and to the Tremiti archipelago . In the morning, fishing boats set off for fishing. From the sea side they are greeted by a lighthouse standing proudly on a small island.


Holidaymakers can spend the day lounging on the beaches of Vieste. Waiting for them include Spiaggia di Pizzomunno , known for its beauty and unusual attractions, which we will devote a few words below.

Guardian of petrified love

The resort is the largest town on the peninsula, and due to its coastal location, tourism is the main branch of the local industry. Guests come to the town from all over the world, attracted by the beauty of the area - the coolness of the pine forest, golden sand beaches, intimate coves, the proximity of tiny islands and the greenery of Foresta Umbra (Gargano National Park).


The whole landscape is completed by the crystal clear, warm water of the Adriatic Sea and Pizzomunno , a 25-meter monolith. It stands at the entrance to the resort, and its creation is associated with a beautiful, though sad legend about the love of the fisherman Pizzomunno and the golden-haired Cristalda. The mermaids in love with the young man took the love of his life and, despite the fact that he desperately threw himself into the water to regain it, the chosen one of his heart disappeared into the depths of the sea. The next day, a large white boulder appeared on the beach - according to legend, it was supposed to be a young fisherman petrified from pain. Once in a hundred years, Cristalda returns from the sea to revive Pizzomunno and reunite with her beloved for one night.


The monolith stands steadfast, staring out at the sea that laps the Vieste embankment. But even without a stone guardian, the resort looks very romantic - from all sides, be it from the water or the rocks. The vegetation surrounding the town consists of pine forests, oaks, almond and olive trees.

Camping at Vieste

From Vieste to Peschici, this part of the coast forms a beautiful crescent. It is a real paradise for sunbathers, and camping villages have grown up here like the proverbial mushrooms after the rain, and it is really difficult to decide on one specific place. Just 5 km from Vieste is the wonderful Camping Village Molinella Vacanze . It is surrounded by the greenery of the Gargano National Park on one side, and the warm waters of the bay and the beach on the other.

Water sports enthusiasts come here, including kitesurfing and windsurfing. There is a bicycle, canoe and pedal boat rental, as well as a playground for children. The advantage of the campsite is the proximity of sea caves, which attract not only speleology enthusiasts. In season, guests can enjoy events and animations, you can take part in hiking and biking tours, as well as play beach volleyball and table tennis. Meals are served in the restaurant with a beach front terrace, there is also a pizzeria, supermarket and two bars.

Summer in Vieste is exceptionally sunny. Nobody will be bored here, nobody will be sad or lonely - there is no such possibility under Vesta's care.

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