The magic of the largest lake

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Every trip to sunny, lively Italy is unique. Regardless of where we go - to the hot south or the cool north, this country will surprise us. Big Italian cities are bustling with life around the clock and local restaurants are full of people until late at night. The province of Italy, in turn, has an elusive world charm that stood still many years ago. And, of course, nature. The mighty Alps and the wonderful coast with hundreds of kilometers of beaches can fall in love with the greatest "tough guy". Yes, we can find everything here ... but is there a place on the map that would combine the bouncy urban atmosphere, the charm of the provinces and the beauty of nature? Of course! And to see them, it is enough to plan a vacation in Veneto, and more precisely - on Lake Garda.

Rest on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. Its shores are 50 kilometers long, and the depth of its waters reaches 350 meters. A real giant! As if that were not enough, the mountain peaks of the Alps are reflected in the water surface - it is a dream paradise landscape. This country's favorite region by Italians has a lot to offer to every tourist - that's why it is worth going there to rest and recharge your batteries. A good place to start your trip around the lake will be Verona , the city of Romeo and Juliet, located just an hour from its shores. It's best to start your visit to Verona early in the morning, so that you can admire the richness of its Renaissance architecture in peace. If we want to look for traces of lovers from Shakespeare's drama, just go to "Juliet's House" . It is a place especially liked among lovers, who eagerly take pictures with the famous balcony, where the beautiful Juliet was waiting for Romeo. From Verona, we have a nice road along the shores of Lake Garda. It's worth admiring the views! After a short drive we reach the small Sirmione - a town located almost deep in the lake, on a picturesque peninsula. We can find here the remains of Roman buildings, a medieval castle and a real treat - Grotta di Catullo . It is a former Roman spa, with wide pools and steaming baths, which still smells characteristic of ... sulfur, rich in local springs. From here, it is worth turning back and going to one of the most beautiful towns on the coast - Malcesine . The medieval atmosphere prevails here despite the 21st century. century, and the narrow streets along the shores of the lake invite you to stroll. In good weather, it is necessary to take the gondola lift to the top of Montebaldo (1750 m above sea level) to admire the wonderful panorama of the lake and the Alps.

Campsites in Veneto

Since most people choose a vacation in this part of the country because of the wonderful nature, it is worth considering what accommodation in Veneto will allow us to enjoy nature to the fullest. A particularly interesting and more and more frequently chosen option are camping sites, whose location in the bosom of nature and modern amenities allow you to escape the worries of everyday life for a while. Camping Altomincino Family Park is the best choice for people looking for closeness to nature! The campsite is situated picturesquely by the river, only 100m away from the shores. On site, guests can use the swimming pool, explore the Lake Garda surroundings on mountain bikes or enjoy the local cuisine in the restaurant, bar and pizzeria. The youngest will also love this place - all day long they can go crazy, have fun and jump using the attractions created for them, of course under the supervision of professional animators - because the fun is endless here!

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