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One of the most important aspects when traveling is access to clean water. Often, due to tonnage limitations, we have at our disposal, for example, 100 liters of clean water, while our needs may reach several times more. What if we don't have access to a service station or other source of water? The solution may be a filtration system that purifies and treats gray water to drinking water quality. In this way, the water reservoir can be used up to 10 times without worrying about the health and suitability of the final product of the filtration process.

Carawater AUTARX Basic System, MaxFlow, Plus - gray water filtration system

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AUTARX is a collective term for a series of filtration devices for the "treatment" of gray water. How it's working? The incoming water is re-treated by setting five stages of filtration with varying degrees of fineness. It's a bit like having your own mini water supply on the go. The first stage of filtration is an external sedimentation filter with a diameter of 5 inches, which retains coarser impurities. The degree of contamination can be visually recognized through the transparent filter housing and the filter cartridge can be cleaned or replaced. The next step is a filter with an activated carbon cartridge, where the filtration rate is already very high. As a result, approximately 99% of all free chlorine molecules, chlorine-based solvents, hydrocarbon-based flavorings, as well as 85% of chlorine-based pesticides, phenol, benzene and other organic substances larger than 5 microns are removed from the filtered water.

Carawater Autrax

The central module of the filtration system with an accuracy of 0.0001 micrometers, elements larger than a water molecule are retained and discharged into the wastewater. This special low-pressure membrane separates the incoming water into waste water and clean water. The filtered water is passed through another activated carbon block filter before being fed into the clean water tank. In the last step, another membrane was used as a barrier to germs and microbes.

Carawater Autrax

Flowmeter for measuring the amount of purified water

The flow meter included in the set visualizes the processed amount of water and signals the need to rinse/replace the filter in the system. Rinsing is done with approx. 20 liters of clean water (to initiate the process, empty the gray water tank and let the clean water flow into it). Depending on the model, the process is carried out after 600 l / 1,000 l. Filter replacement is required after 6,000 l / 10,000 l, depending on the model. This technology allows you to create a mechanism that allows you to enjoy freedom for a longer time, regardless of the external source.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between the Basic (15 l/h) and MaxFlow (30 l/h) variants - both versions fit in a neat box measuring 41x22.5x12 cm. The Autarx Plus model, with an impressive capacity of up to 60 l/h, is slightly larger (45x25.5x14 cm).

The set includes a 4-chamber Seaflo diaphragm pump, a central unit, a pre-filter, a flow meter and all necessary mounting accessories.

Carawater FILTRADOC – effective filtration of fresh water

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Of course, the quality of fresh water that we use for drinking, washing and other activities is also important in the daily life of a traveler. To be completely sure and safe, we can reach for one of the system solutions from the FILTRADOC line. The S version has 3 filters in a very compact cartridge, and the capacity is up to 4.8 l / h. The device is small and efficient, it provides 3 stages of filtration:

  • *stage 1: sediment filter for sand, rust and coarse particles
  • *stage 2: activated carbon filter for chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, drug residues and microplastics
  • *stage 3: ultrafiltration - membrane, 99.9999% reduction of bacteria, E. coli, legionella

Replacement is required every 12,000. liters.

Larger purifiers

Another, bigger brother with the "M" designation reaches 7 l / h, and the cartridges are replaced after 30,000 liters. The largest of the series is the "L" model , which can be used as a filter for filling tap water and has the highest flow rate (9.5 litres). Filter life is up to 60,000 liters. The treatment process, in comparison with smaller units, includes three mechanical filtration stages
the fourth element, namely scale reduction through polyphosphate granules.

Interestingly, the manufacturer also includes empty filter tanks in the sets, in order to be able to safely disinfect the clean water tank with the use of specialized chemistry, if necessary.

If the topic of clean water and technological innovations in this area is important to you, be sure to visit the website of the ACK company from Kędzierzyn - the authorized, exclusive representative of the Carawater brand in Poland - details at: search?q=carawater

Carawater AUTARX - clean water always at hand – image 1
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