TV and satellite TV on the go - what you need to know

TV and satellite TV on the go - what you need to know – main image

Perhaps watching TV while traveling on board a motorhome or caravan is not associated with caravanning at first, but for many of us this type of equipment is an indispensable element of equipment - is it a "sign of the times"?

Whether you want to stay up to date and watch the news regularly, don't want to miss the latest season of your favorite series, or in bad weather you want to relax with your significant other or family with an exciting movie on TV or streaming platform.

A TV set for a motorhome and caravan - why is a dedicated one better?

When choosing a TV set for a motorhome or caravan, sooner or later we think about the significant difference in price compared to "traditional" solutions. It is hardly surprising - after all, it can be substantial. However, one should realize that the difference in price is due to specific "tailor-made" solutions:

  • resistance to shocks, changes in temperature and humidity
  • possibility of power supply with direct current (12V) or alternating current (230V)
  • resistance to voltage spikes (in the case of DC-powered satellite antenna control systems, this range is even 10-17V!)
  • integration of many functions in one device (e.g. smart function and TV-SAT tuner on the TV).
  • significantly lower energy consumption than traditional receivers and a wider viewing angle

A great example of a model dedicated to recreational vehicles is the Alphatronics SL-24 DSBAI+ TV. The SL series is the most advanced, exclusive series of this manufacturer with a characteristic, slim frame. The device is equipped with the new alphatronics triple tuner (DVB-S / S2, DVB-T / T2, DVB-C with CI +) for high-definition television (HDTV) and even a DVD player.

Among the connectors we find a USB port, 2 HDMI connectors and an integrated Bluetooth 5.0 module. It enables wireless connection of loudspeaker systems. Thus, the TV can not only transmit the audio signal via Bluetooth, but also play music from the mobile phone on the TV.

Thanks to the Miracast and DLNA functions, we can also watch the content of the screen of a smartphone or tablet. The wide-angle alphatronicsView display offers a viewing angle of up to 178 degrees (H / V).

The real highlight is the SMART TV function based on the Android 9.0 operating system. It is an extremely intuitive solution, works quickly and provides access to all possible applications and streaming services. And all this with a weight of only 4 kg!

Link to the ELCAMP store: Alphatronics SL24-DSBAI TV

Satellite antenna in a motorhome and caravan - what to pay attention to?

Among motorhome users, the most popular are compact, foldable antennas mounted on the roofs of vehicles. The market offers many models adapted to different needs and (as you can guess) the wealth of the wallet. Before the decision to purchase and install a specific device is made, we must pay attention to, for example, the size of the bowl.

The basic diameter of the dish is 65 cm, which can be a problem when searching for a signal, e.g. in Scandinavian countries. The optimal solution are antennas measuring 85 cm, allowing you to find a signal throughout Europe without obstacles - provided, of course, that we find a place on the roof of our vehicle for such a large equipment.

What do market leaders offer? We looked at some of the proposals available in the Elcamp online store.

Satellite antenna for ALDEN Onelight HD camper/caravan

A classic and a bestseller in one - this is how the Onelight model can be described - for a reasonable price we get a fully automatic solution that ensures comfort and quick setting of the plate in the optimal position.

The Onelight HD model is available in a classic - white version, but also in the Platinum variant, with an elegant, graphite bowl with a perforated surface (slightly more resistant to wind). The advanced "brain of the system", i.e. the SSC HD driver, is the result of many years of work by ALDEN engineers, works independently of the TV-SAT receiver and is characterized by very low power consumption (only 0.4 W in standby mode).

What is extremely important - Onelight is available in the TWIN-LNB version, which allows independent operation of 2 TV sets at the same time. People who go on really long journeys may be interested in the optional SKEWmatic solution. Auto-SKEW technology combined with GPS tracking allows you to increase the effective range of the satellite signal, allowing you to use satellite TV without any problems, regardless of whether you are traveling around the farthest reaches of Portugal or exploring Greece.


Satellite antenna for TRAVEL VISION R7 motorhome/trailer

If you stand in the shade or in a heavily wooded area while traveling with a motorhome, a mobile antenna on a tripod - for example TRAVEL VISION R7 - may be the perfect solution. The dish of the antenna measures 80 cm and is made of a laminate of resins and fiberglass.

Searching for a satellite signal/band is extremely simple and is done at the touch of a button. The removable module protects the device against theft. Charging the battery takes 120 minutes, and on a single charge we can count on 60 hours of operation.

The set together with the foldable, stable tripod weighs only 11.6 kg.


Satellite dish for Oyster Vision camper/caravan

For conscious fans of the latest technologies, the optimal choice will be a real "Mercedes" in this product category - the OYSTER V model equipped with an 85 cm canopy and a number of groundbreaking innovations. Oyster® V is its control unit, FeatureBox calculates and regulates. In the Vision version you communicate with the FeatureBox via the control unit, in the Premium version you use the TV remote control.

With the mobile phone app, you can now control the FeatureBox with your smartphone. You have basic operating functions at your disposal and can, for example, switch the antenna on and off from the outside, change satellites or view system settings.

The minimum folded height of only 17 cm is achieved thanks to the curved feeding arm. A special coaxial cable is responsible for control, power and signal transmission from the outdoor unit. The mirror arm is made of ultra-light magnesium, which translates into stability and resistance to twisting.

Oyster® V always knows where the satellites are, precisely matching their position. As many as 3 technologies work together to facilitate satellite search and dish alignment: GPS, 3D compass and inclination sensor.

The GPS determines your location, the 3D compass determines which direction your vehicle (and thus the antenna) is pointing, the inclination sensor identifies any tilt of the vehicle and initiates accurate compensatory movement of the antenna. Updating the software and satellite frequencies is done in a simple and intuitive way via the mobile application. This application also allows you to diagnose the device and send relevant information to the customer service department for technical assistance.


This article was prepared in cooperation with Elcamp
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