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Are you going to a charming place? Take your bikes with you - not only for yourself, but for the whole family. With the right trunk, that shouldn't be a problem.

Choosing the right solution may not be easy, but that's because the market is very competitive and therefore quite a lot of solutions.

Interior trunk

It is best for owners of large motorhomes, who can put their bikes in the car without noticeably limiting the space. This is possible, for example, when the vehicle has a mini-garage.

But even if there is a lot of space in your motorhome, it is best to choose a suitable carrier (in this case, internal), which will help to secure the bikes in a stable position. Among the advantages, the most important are that such a trunk does not increase the external dimensions of the car and does not increase fuel consumption. The downside is the limitation of free space.


The tripod, into which bicycles are placed, can be fixed permanently with screws or temporarily with the use of fastening straps.

Other fans of traveling with bikes have to deal differently: by installing a rack on the roof, on the trailer drawbar or on the rear wall of the trailer or motorhome.

Bike on the roof

When traveling with a car with a trailer, you can consider a roof-mounted bicycle rack .

However, this solution has two major drawbacks. First of all - we will not mount the bikes on the roof of a very tall car, secondly - if we choose a bicycle rack, it will take a place for a possible roof rack. Some people try to combine both solutions, but few are satisfied with such a compromise.

The roof rack is the cheapest solution, but it requires prior mounting of the base, to which the bicycle holder is then attached.

Use the drawbar

Usually one or two bicycles, maximum three, are transported on the roof. Luggage racks mounted on the trailer drawbar (up to four bikes) can have greater capacity.

This solution, although more expensive, has many advantages. Attaching such a rack is usually easy , and two-wheelers placed between the car and the trailer do not significantly deteriorate the aerodynamics of the set.

However, it should be checked whether a specific trunk can be installed on a given drawbar - the difficulty may arise, for example, when the drawbar is too short or built-up. When buying, it is worth checking whether the rack can be tilted together with the bikes in order to get into the trunk of the trailer.

Ladder or platform

It is also possible to put a trunk on the back of the trailer, camper or van. It can be a platform rack (with its own lights, attached to the car's hook) or a ladder rack (attached to the car's tailgate or trailer's rear wall). For ladder racks, there are even options with a lift to lower the bikes.

However, it is worth taking into account that the luggage compartment mounted at the rear deteriorates the aerodynamics of the set to a greater extent and additionally catches the eyes of the curious. The worst part, however, is that it can adversely affect the stability of the car with a trailer by overloading the rear end.

If you are going to take an electric bike with you, look for the mounts that have been designed for it. E-bikes are heavier and therefore require stronger racks than purely muscle-powered bikes.

For bicycles transported outside, it is worth using covers that will protect the bicycles against mud and dust.

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