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Turn a bus into a motorhome

Podczas tegorocznego Salonu Caravaningowego swoją obecność mocno zaznaczyły firmy, które zajmują się dostosowywaniem vanów do wersji campingowych lub tworzeniem kamperów od podstaw na zamówienie klienta. W Polsce od dawna istnieją firmy, które na zamówienie przemienią vana lub busa w odpowiednio wyposażonego kampera. W Poznaniu po raz kolejny pojawiła się marka EbaCamp, pokazując, że we wnętrzu przygotowanego przez nią Fiata Ducato bez trudu zmieści się np. wielki motocykl. Poza typowymi zabudowami, EbaCamp proponuje także kontenery do zabudów ciężarowych (pisaliśmy o tym w oddzielnym artykule).

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What heating in the caravan?

Modern caravans , and especially campers, are mostly immediately equipped with appropriate heating systems . However, if you need to make the right heating purchase yourself, you will need some information. Heating devices should be adapted to both the way the motorhome is used and its size. The principle is simple - the smallest stoves are enough for small caravans, while the largest ones should be installed in large caravans and motorhomes. And so, among the most popular gas stoves on the market by the German company Truma , the smallest will be the S2200 model. It uses 30 to 280 grams of propane-butane gas per hour and produces a rated heat output of 1,850 W.

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Camping instead of a hotel?

Most tourists are used to relaxing in comfortable conditions. It is not always a five-star resort with several swimming pools and full board included in the price, but the hotel is usually associated with a safe marina and 24-hour service. What if this year, instead of a hotel, choose a campsite ?. Imagine a huge family park located right by the sea, yet close to the pearls of Tuscany such as Pisa and Florence. Amidst the lush greenery, there are plenty of wide, illuminated paths, and right next to them, several large swimming pools - some for those who like to swim, others, with lots of winding slides , are an attraction for both children and their parents. In the same park you will find a volleyball and soccer field, a mini-golf course, a rope park, a solarium, as well as shops, several restaurants and a pizzeria. For this, of course, free wi-fi. When it comes to sanitary facilities - they have everything you might need, including a place for bathing and changing babies.

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Where to go skiing in a motorhome? Austria, France, Italy

Austria, Italy or maybe France? If you are considering camping with good infrastructure for skiers and snowboarders, here are some interesting suggestions. We chose the places that have the most to offer to tourists traveling with motorhomes, but also to those who do not have a camping vehicle, but would like to have a good rest in winter. lfahrtstraße 22, 6450 Sölden. Area. The campsite is located directly on the southern outskirts of the Tyrolean commune of Sölden, in the Ötztal valley at 1,368 meters above sea level.Although this famous tourist resort can theoretically only accommodate 15,000 tourists at a time, the reality is quite different - almost 2 million visitors annually guests. It is the only region in Austria where the glacier runs are directly connected to the rest of the ski area via lifts. The whole of this vast area, with as much as 148 km of routes, consists of three parts, differing in character.

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How should a motorhome be equipped for long journeys?

The motorhome is perfect for exploring Europe. Currently, the network of highways and expressways is so rich that we can easily travel even long distances. The only problem is the motorhome and its equipment. Traveling in a motorhome ensures independence. If the weather deteriorates in one place, we can often move to a place with better conditions. In addition, we can go camping, to the city, to the spa center, and to the restaurant - we go wherever we want. The first question that arises during longer journeys is whether we can endure so much time in a motorhome. There is also a question about temperatures - in summer it can be too warm, and in autumn, winter and early spring - too cold.

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Full air suspension - comfort and safety

If we travel short distances, the standard suspension may be sufficient. However, if we like long trips, we probably would like them to be as comfortable and safe as possible. And if so, it is worth deciding to install an air suspension. When the standard motorhome suspension does not meet our expectations, it's time to get interested in pneumatics. The air suspension is available in two versions - it is cheaper and therefore the supporting suspension is more often used. Its lower price is due to because they are mounted on the existing mechanical suspension. It improves the stability of the vehicle, but unfortunately, it does not provide the same comfort as full air suspension. So if we can spend more money on the purchase, don't wonder - full air suspension will simply be better.

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Family motorhome with an alcove by Pilote

The Pilote C700G motorhome belongs to the Family series (fr. Familiale). Two other models belong to the same series, differing in the types of beds used. However, as the name suggests, all of them were created to meet the needs of a traveling family. Campers with an alcove are vehicles with a raised roof, in which a place to sleep is placed in a special recess between the ceiling and the driver's cabin. And while it might seem that in the times when drop-down beds can be used without raising the roof, the alcove will become a thing of the past, it is not. The important reason is the price - a model with an alcove can usually be bought cheaper than an analogous "low-profile" motorhome.

The 2018 Caravanning Salon is behind us – image 1

The 2018 Caravanning Salon is behind us

The Caravanning Salon is an event that has become a permanent part of the Poznań Motor Show program. This year, we could find campers, trailers and accessories in three halls. It was also possible to notice a greater interest of customers in specific models of tourist vehicles than in previous years. You can see that more and more Poles are serious about buying a motorhome or caravan. The theme of the 2018 Motor Show was "Automotive of Tomorrow" - there were a lot of hybrids and electric cars in the car halls. Electric vehicles could also be found in the section dedicated to motorcycles and scooters. We haven't dealt with electric vehicles at the Caravanning Show yet, but that doesn't mean that there were no surprises.

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Pilote G740 - comfortable integrated

Large, well-equipped, modern, fully integrated - this is the Pilote G740 motorhome. It allows for a comfortable journey and accommodation for four people, and while driving, the 150 HP engine provides sufficient power. See what else we can find in one of the top-positioned motorhomes of the French brand. It cannot be denied that the purchase of a motorhome, especially when it is an "integrated", is associated with a serious expense. All the more, it is worth making a well-thought-out decision, so that the purchased vehicle can serve us well for many years. If you want to be sure of this, it is worth taking a look at the structure of a given vehicle.

Caravanning Salon during the Motor Show 2018 – image 1

Caravanning Salon during the Motor Show 2018

The biggest automotive event in Poland is coming soon! Let's check what can be seen in the part intended for the Caravanning Salon. It is worth noting that only some of the exhibitors revealed their plans, so we can also expect many surprises. This year's Poznań Motor Show will take place right after Christmas, on 5-8 April, with Thursday being traditionally a press day. Regular tickets are valid from Friday to Sunday. The Caravanning Salon will occupy 2.5 halls this year (halls No. 1, 2 and partially hall No. 15).

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Ixeo Time IT Edition 30 - more equipment

The Burstner models from the Edition 30 series give you the opportunity to buy a better equipped motorhome at a reasonable price. For example, Ixeo Time IT has add-ons worth approx. PLN 40,000 on board. zloty. Perhaps it would be an exaggeration to believe that the manufacturer gives them completely for free, but the overall quality / price ratio seems to be at least decent. "30" is the jubilee edition. Burstner has prepared it to celebrate his 30 years of experience in the production of touring cars . It turned out that the offer of well-equipped motorhomes that have "almost everything for the price " hit the jackpot, thanks to which the model, which seemed to be a limited edition, has been regularly sold and is still offered, although two years have passed since its premiere.

Poznań Motor Show with Privatim – image 1

Poznań Motor Show with Privatim

Easter is on April 1, and the next week is the Poznań Motor Show 2018. We have more and more information about what we can expect this year at the largest automotive exhibition in Poland. The Motor Show framework program does not differ from that in previous years. This year, we will also be able to see vehicles at four showrooms: car, motorcycle, caravanning and truck showrooms. As announced by the organizer, this year you will be able to see as many as 60 automotive premieres and concept cars .