What heating in the caravan?

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Modern caravans , and especially campers, are mostly immediately equipped with appropriate heating systems . However, if you need to make the right heating purchase yourself, you will need some information.

Caravan heating

Heating devices should be adapted to both the way the motorhome is used and its size. The principle is simple - the smallest stoves are enough for small caravans, while the largest ones should be installed in large caravans and motorhomes. And so, among the most popular gas stoves on the market by the German company Truma , the smallest will be the S2200 model. It uses 30 to 280 grams of propane-butane gas per hour and produces a rated heat output of 1,850 W.

This is not much compared to the larger models. The S3004 heats with 3500 W of power, while consuming the same amount of gas as the S2200. The S5004 model, on the other hand, is able to obtain heat with a power of 6000 W, although it consumes from 60 to 480 g / h.

Aesthetes will probably be interested in the fact that while the S2200 has a rather archaic look, the larger models have been adapted to the modern design used in high-end motorhomes and caravans.

Quick heating of the trailer is possible thanks to blowers connected to the heating device. They allow heat to circulate quickly throughout the vehicle, and can also be used for ventilation when it is hot.

You can also have hot water in the caravan. It is possible either by connecting an external boiler or - a two-in-one device. In this respect, Truma solutions stand out again.

Truma heating

What heating in the caravan?

The Truma Combi 4 model is a combination of a heating stove and a 10-liter hot water boiler. The rated thermal power of the device is determined at a maximum of 4000 W. The device is powered by propane-butane gas, but also uses a small amount of 12 V current.

If the device is used only to heat water, then the water heats up from 15 to 60 degrees Celsius in about 20 minutes. If it is used to heat the vehicle at the same time, the water heating time is extended to approx. 80 minutes. The same effect is achieved when using the Truma Combi 6 model (it also has a 10-liter tank), but its rated heat output can be set to 2,000 W, 4,000 W or 6,000 W.

Importantly, the temperature can be smoothly adjusted with the knob. These devices can work in summer or winter mode. When the Truma Combi 4 or Combi 6 heating is set to summer mode, only the water is heated, and when the Truma Combi 4 or Combi 6 is set to winter mode , the stove also works. The interior heating can also work when there is no water in the boiler.

An interesting solution may also be the Combi D6 model, which is powered by diesel fuel . Its parameters are almost identical to those of the Combi 6. In the standard operating mode (1000 W) it uses 110 ml of diesel fuel per hour. However, since it has a power of up to 6,000 W, the total consumption can vary between 220 and 630 ml / h.

What heating in the caravan?

Accessories - motorhome or caravan heating

It is also worth mentioning the accessories for heating in the caravan. For example, a reducer may be useful, thanks to which, when one cylinder runs out of gas, gas will be automatically drawn from the other. It is also possible to buy a camping ... fireplace in which the flames look like real. However, it does not really pose any fire hazard. The remote control allows you to adjust, for example, the size of the flames and the sound of crackling wood.

If you are taking your trailer abroad, it is worth equipping your trailer with Gas-Bank gas cylinders. You can read more about them in our article: Gas in a motorhome - gas cylinder replacement in other countries . We tested these cylinders during our winter trip in January 2020. Since then, they have been going everywhere with us, regardless of whether we are testing a caravan or a motorhome.

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