Full air suspension - comfort and safety

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If we travel short distances, the standard suspension may be sufficient. However, if we like long trips, we probably would like them to be as comfortable and safe as possible. And if so, it is worth deciding to install an air suspension.

When the standard motorhome suspension does not meet our expectations, it's time to get interested in pneumatics. The air suspension is available in two versions - it is cheaper and therefore the supporting suspension is more often used. Its lower price is due to because they are mounted on the existing mechanical suspension. It improves the stability of the vehicle, but unfortunately, it does not provide the same comfort as full air suspension. So if we can spend more money on the purchase, don't wonder - full air suspension will simply be better.

The computer will adjust the suspension

Full air suspension is installed in place of the standard - mechanical one. The assembly does not consist in adding additional elements, but in the complete replacement of springs or springs by a system with cushions. This means that such a suspension must be no less durable than the factory suspension, and at the same time it is much more technically sophisticated .

The central control unit, to which height sensors are connected, is usually responsible for its work. Depending on the situation, the computer selects the best suspension settings so that the vehicle tilts to the sides as little as possible and chooses unevenness as much as possible. As a result, a motorhome with such a suspension does not bounce, does not swing, but flows on the road , which translates into greater comfort and less fatigue of the people traveling it.

This type of suspension often has additional functions. It is possible, for example, to level the vehicle when stationary, or tilt it to the appropriate side while emptying the tanks. You can even raise the rear of the vehicle specifically to safely overcome an obstacle. We can perform these types of operations using the control panel or remote control . However, in most everyday situations, it is enough to rely on full automation.

Pneumatics on the example of Goldshmitt

The suspensions of different brands may differ from each other, so we will take into account the specific system that can be ordered from Elcamp - in this case the Goldschmitt suspension, intended for the Volkswagen T5 .

The system itself decides what pressure and which wheel should be applied at any given moment in order to maintain the best stability. The vehicle is leveled automatically , which eliminates the effects of uneven load distribution and even prevents the phenomenon of "diving" when braking hard. In addition, the driver, with a simple switch in the cab, can adjust the height of the suspension in three heights.

In the standard setting, the electronics maintain a constant suspension deflection (distance from the ground) regardless of the load. When the load level increases, the system corrects the height itself, and after removing the weight, the height corrects itself after ten seconds.

The low setting allows the suspension to be lowered as much as possible. This is a very valuable convenience when loading or when slowly driving under the garage lintel.

There is also an off-road setting that gives you the option of increasing ground clearance. Thanks to this, our motorhome will successfully overcome large unevenness, it will be able to move smoothly on dirt roads and it will be even easier to get on the ferry.

In addition to the aforementioned Goldschmitt brand, Elcamp also offers air suspensions of the VB-Airsuspension and Drive-Rite brands. Elcamp's offer in the field of pneumatic suspensions can be found on the website: http://sklep.elcampzawieszenia.pl/ .

What about servicing?

It is worth knowing that a well-mounted air suspension does not require any special care or servicing . Most manufacturers recommend only regular inspection of the system - it happens that contaminants can get into the area of operation of the airbag and lead to its abrasion.

It is also important to keep an eye on the operation of the system. If we do not notice any strange behavior (e.g. high pressure loss, compressor starts too often, etc.), there is no need for additional service.


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