Adria Matrix Plus - uncompromising half-integrated

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The Matrix series is the Slovenian manufacturer's bestseller. In the new version of the PLUS series , campers surprise with many important changes. This confirms the brand's aspirations to the premium segment. The design is characteristic of the Adria brand and you may like it. Despite using the proven Fiat Ducato as the power unit, the vehicle's silhouette is elegant and modern. Attention is drawn to the muscular canopy with integrated lighting and the large panoramic window above the cab, as well as the modern, multi-function LED rear lamps built into the new bumper, already described in other models. The rear wall also has an integrated diffuser improving the aerodynamics of the structure. Adria Matrix Plus has a total of 5 different models/systems - 670 SC, 670 SL, 670 DL, 670 DC and 600 DT. The height is 2905 mm, and the lengths, depending on the version, range from 6985 to 7485 mm. In terms of GVM, what is important, we can choose from variants from 3.5t to 4.4t. The curb weight of the vehicles is at a level typical for the segment of cars of similar dimensions - approximately 2,930-3,100 kg.

Premium equipment and space

Adria Matrix Plus – an uncompromising semi-integral

The total width is 230 cm, which, combined with the considerable height and length, gives great potential in terms of volume at first glance. The building is accessed via a new, wide door with integrated storage space. What is immediately noticeable is the lack of a step between the body and the cab, typical of many campers . An equal floor height was used along the entire length. This allowed us to hide some of the installations and on-board equipment, improve insulation, and create space for storage compartments. In the new Matrix Plus camper, there is a newly developed service compartment with a power connection between the passenger door and the body door. The garage is also new - depending on the model, it can be up to 120 cm high, has LED lighting and power sockets - 12V and 230V . Inside the camper there are plenty of wardrobes, cabinets and drawers for all possible luggage and accessories . The feeling of space is enhanced by the panoramic window in the roof - of course, we can darken it and open/air it. The electrically lowered bed with dimensions of 125x200 cm fits perfectly with the ceiling - both visually and functionally (even tall people can stand under it freely). An excellent solution is the new multimedia center located right next to the entrance - we have a digital panel, a holder for a TV up to 32 " , sockets and a shelf for charging phones. The kitchen provides enough space for equipment and provisions, in addition to spacious drawers, there is a 3-burner stove and a sink. The worktop is made of FENIX NTM laminate, and the options include an oven and a Nespresso capsule coffee machine.

Personalization in every detail

Adria Matrix Plus – an uncompromising semi-integral

The standard equipment of the Adria Matrix Plus camper is at a high level. We don't have to worry about paying extra for comfortable mattresses or lighting and USB sockets where we need them. Adria has already accustomed us to the extremely rich personalization options - we can choose from 3 color versions of the exterior design, 2 furniture color variants and as many as 9 upholstery options - including 3 leather. When it comes to thermal comfort and ventilation, Adria is a European leader. This is confirmed by tests of the manufacturer itself, but also by independent research institutions. We can choose from Truma or Alde heating, and in some models even Webasto support. The "Air-Flow" system designed by the manufacturer ensures efficient air exchange in winter and summer. Of course, we can also order factory-installed roof air conditioning. Among the interesting, proven options, we definitely recommend the ADRIA MACH system for controlling the vehicle's on-board functions using a mobile device.

A good camper for years

Adria Matrix Plus – an uncompromising semi-integral

The interest and high level of sales are understandable, taking into account all the advantages and solutions used by Adria. First of all, it is clear that the manufacturer keeps up with the times in terms of technical innovations. The interior layouts are thought out in every detail, and the quality of the construction and materials used do not allow us to doubt that we are dealing with a premium product. Important arguments that often determine the choice of vehicles of this brand are their high resale value and failure-free operation. Adria Matrix Plus campers are available only on the basis of the "veteran" Fiat Ducato, which may be an obstacle for some potential customers. However, it should be taken into account that this is a proven and relatively failure-free design. Additionally, it is worth emphasizing that the new drive units with a power of up to 180 HP and the optional, modern automatic transmission receive excellent reviews from users and experts throughout Europe.

Where to buy Adria Matrix Plus?

The vehicle is available from an authorized dealer of Adria Grupa Elcamp based in Krakow.

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