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When I first heard about the idea at the Caravaning Summer Show, I immediately knew it was a bull's eye. I have been associated with the Hel Peninsula for almost 20 years. I come there at least once a year and I know that it is not only a windsurfing and kitesurfing center, but also a huge group of people who spend a lot of time camping. These fairs were dedicated to them.

The event took place over the weekend and lasted from Friday until Sunday (July 20-22, 2018). Everything took place in the parking lot in Władysławowo, at the entrance to the Chałupy 2 beach. When I looked at the pictures of this parking lot made with a drone before the fair, I did not believe that the square would accommodate as many exhibitors as Filip Kołodziej (the organizer) had announced - the more so because most of the companies planned to field more than one vehicle.

Lots of interesting exhibitors

One of the larger stands that attracted a lot of attention belonged to Camper Planet from Bielsko-Biała. The company presented 3 brands: Spanish campers Ilusion Cararavaning, Mini-Camp and Retro Camp roof tents. It was the latter brand, related to the restoration of old caravans in accordance with the wishes of customers, that aroused the greatest "oh and ah".


In a similar, central location of the car park, one could find a very interesting stand of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with Caddy Beach and California Ocean cars. The latter model is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. During the entire event, at the Volkswagen stand, it was possible to win cool prizes in almost non-stop competitions and pick up delicious ice cream in exchange for the token that the guests received together with the admission ticket.

The Elcamp Group stand, which presented the Adria Matrix motorhome (after the fair, we had the opportunity to test this vehicle and you will be able to read our review soon), and the Polish Globe-Traveler Pathfinder Z motorhome (we are also planning to test this model), could not be missing nearby. The Elcamp Group also sells various caravanning accessories, so the fair could not miss a large tent, where everyone could buy the right gadgets and chemicals needed in a motorhome or caravan.


My Tiny House - mobile home

The local producer of mobile homes, My Tiny House , was also very popular. The flexibility in design and equipment options will surely appeal to many customers. If someone would like to test such a house, it can be rented at the Chałupy 6 campsite.


The other mobile homes that are suitable for comfortable living throughout the year were also presented by the companies KontenerMieszkalny and DMK .

Our native manufacturer of kitesurfing equipment, known all over the world for the highest quality equipment, i.e. the Nobile brand, could not be missing.


A very interesting solution was presented by a Doctor from Travel On Board - at the stand of this brand you could see SmartKat pumped catamarans. When we deflate such a catamaran, it will fit into two bags! So you can easily pack it into the camper's luggage compartment and take it with you.


Motorhome scooters

The Zwinne Miasto company from Poznań, which specializes in the sale and service of electric and standard scooters from various manufacturers, also presented very interesting products. Each visitor had the opportunity to ride various types of e-scooters. I believe that this is a great equipment that will soon be the basic equipment of every motorhome. The scooters offered by this company have large ranges and will prove themselves not only when moving around the campground, but also when visiting attractions away from the place of accommodation. Soon we will test a few models for you and check which one is the most suitable for caraviders.


Krzysztof Skiba from Smart Camp presented a modular bodywork for the Volkswagen Caddy, but his other models will easily be used in other cars as well. A very strong point of Smart Camp solutions is that the modules do not take up much space. Besides, they can be easily assembled and disassembled. Thanks to this, the system will be perfect for the car we use every day.


At the Camper Niki stand, a company that deals with comprehensive post-accident repair of motorhomes and caravans, you could find out about the scope of services provided by the company and find out whether the damage can be repaired. Sebastian Pieczka (the owner of the company) also helped a couple from Norway check a used caravan. Thanks to the positive result of the expert opinion, the couple decided to purchase the Tabbert Bellini caravan put up for sale by the Hel Camp company.

A lot of interest was also aroused by the stand of the very well-known brand Niewiadów , which presented the latest models of "eNek" probably known to all enthusiasts of caravans. The company has announced that with this fair it will begin its tour of the Polish exhibition halls and plan to re-master the Polish market.


There was also a partner of this event, i.e. the Poznań International Fair , who are the organizer of Caravans Salon - a new edition of the caravanning fair, which will be accompanied by a nationwide rally of motorhomes and caravans. This event will take place on September 21-23 in Poznań and we cordially invite you to it.

Brands such as Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Ocean Cross, Decathlon and many others presented their stands, which we hope to see also during the next year's edition of the Caravaning Summer Show.

A party with great potential

As is usually the case with the first editions of the fair, the attendance was not overwhelming - the event was visited by about 1,000 people. However, the exhibitors declared that they were satisfied and that they would surely appear next year as well. It turned out that a large part of the visitors were people seriously interested in purchasing the presented products.

The second issue, which I think had a very strong impact on the satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors, is the atmosphere of the event itself. It was not a standard caravanning fair, where exhibitors stand in suits and present their vehicles in closed halls padded with clean carpets. This event was held in a very relaxed atmosphere. I can even say that I felt like at a campground, where the exhibitors calmly presented their offer and showed future users of motorhomes and caravans what caravanning really looks like.

I hope that the event will be held regularly, every year, on the Hel Peninsula, where the largest camping area in Poland is located. I am really looking forward to the next edition of the Caravaning Summer Show.


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