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Adria - a manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes from Slovenia, currently offers as many as 23 models of tourist vehicles. The icing on the cake are the fully integrated Sonic models, but just below them, like a crème de la crème, the manufacturer has placed the semi-integrated Matrix models. All the others are lower in this hierarchy.

All Matrix series motorhomes are low-roof models - i.e. they do not have an alcove, but have a pull-down bed in the front part of the cabin. The distinguishing features of this model are also a large dining room and an L-shaped kitchen (although the manufacturer insists on marking this shape with the letter V). Also noteworthy is the relatively large bathroom space and - apparently - comfortable beds.


In the 2017 season, a new interior design appeared, as well as the graphics on the bodywork. However, it is also worth noting more significant changes - the Matrix can be built on three different vehicles. Matrix Supreme is Renault Master, Matrix Plus - Fiat Ducato, and Matrix Axess is based on the Citroen Jumper . The engines of all offered vehicles meet the Euro 6 emission standard.

Italian and French to choose from

Supreme is the highest specification of the Matrix. Motorhomes based on Renault Master are also the longest - they come in three variants with lengths from 7,672 to 7,790 mm . They are also distinguished by adjustable beds at the rear, an electrically lowering bed at the front, and combined panoramic and roof windows. These cars can be approved for 4 or 5 people (while driving), while there can be up to 7 sleeping places . The Alde brand is responsible for heating in this motorhome.


The Matrix Plus comes in six variants, ranging in length from 6993 to 7480 mm . Motorhomes in this series are distinguished by Truma heating as standard and great attention to the aesthetics of the interior. Though Plus is a bit shorter than the Supreme, it's just as spacious inside. In five layouts, the bathroom was separated from the shower cubicle , and in one, the integrated bathroom was placed at the rear of the vehicle (behind the beds). Interestingly, in each variant, it was possible to separate the bedroom and bathroom from the dining area.

Matrix Access is a high-end motorhome, but at a lower price than the above-mentioned brothers. He also has Truma heating. There are also five homologated seats as standard. Axess tempts with eight versions ranging in length from 5980 to 7480 mm . In longer variants, the bathroom was separated from the shower cubicle, in the shorter variants the toilet with shower was quite tightly compressed in a small area.

One is waiting

Since we've already entered the Matrix, it's worth noting that the Axess limited edition Platinum model is available on Allegro. The vehicle is exhibited by Elcamp , the official distributor of the Adria brand in Poland. The vehicle on display is sold as new, manufactured in 2017.


The motorhome has AL-KO air suspension, and the vehicle is powered by a 2.3-liter 150 HP engine connected to an automatic gearbox. The equipment includes, among others heating Truma Combi 6, 150-liter refrigerator and shelves illuminated with LED strips. It is also important that the car is protected by a 24-month warranty on components and accessories and a 7-year warranty on the tightness of the body .

The vehicle is available in an interesting interior design. In terms of colors - it is a combination of wood and cream upholstery . The system has two separate beds that can be joined together, filling the space between them with an additional mattress. The bathroom has been divided into two parts, and after closing the door on both sides, we will get space across the entire width of the vehicle.


Unlike this year's Axessa, the base of the motorhome on offer is also the Fiat Ducato . For many people, the fact that the car is in the showroom and is ready for collection may be a very big plus. Meanwhile, if you wanted to buy the 2017 version, you would have to place an order and wait - probably many months.

So who has approx. 365 thousand free PLN and dreams of a new motorhome, he has a reason to seriously consider the purchase. Just click here .

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