Adria Matrix Axess 670 SL - motorhome test

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We tested the Adria Matrix model from the Slovenian manufacturer's factory for 7 days. That's enough time to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this motorhome. See for yourself what impressions this vehicle gave us.

Immediately after the end of the first edition of theCaravanning Summer Show , which took place in Władysławowo in mid-July, we had the opportunity to test the semi-integrated motorhome of the Adria Matrix Axess 670 SL brand. The car was lent to us by the distributor of this brand, i.e. the Elcamp Group from Krakow. This company also exhibited at the fair, and Adria's motorhome aroused a lot of interest.

I will not hide that the idea of testing a motorhome from this Slovenian manufacturer followed me for a long time. Vehicles of this brand are considered relatively inexpensive and, at the same time, of good quality. So far, I have watched them many times during various fairs, but seeing the interiors in the exhibition hall is not the same as the possibility of testing a motorhome in everyday conditions. Only a longer journey allows you to get to know the car and evaluate the quality of the bodywork.

The route and burning of a motorhome

Our route started on the Hel Peninsula, from where we set off towards Masuria. We planned to stay around the lakes for the whole week, but the lack of vacancies at nice campsites meant that after three days we changed our plans. We set off towards Polish Tuscany, where our friends run a wonderful place - the Sandomierska Vineyard . There you can stop by a camper literally between the vines.

The route was as follows: Władysławowo -> Ostróda -> Death -> Sandomierz -> Kraków

During the whole trip we drove about 1000 km without unnecessary haste, driving on highways and ordinary national roads. Fuel consumption, as indicated by the computer, was 12.4 l / 100 km. The crew of the motorhome consisted of two adults and a 3-year-old child.

The engine, cab and driving characteristics of the Adria Matrix

The motorhome was built on a Citroen chassis and equipped with a 2.0 HDI 160 HP engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The engine managed without any major problems, and it is worth emphasizing that as usual, we were “fully loaded”.

The tested model was equipped with a CAMOS reversing camera, which proved itself very well in its role and definitely helped when reversing. Unfortunately, I missed the multifunction steering wheel, with which I could even turn down the radio.

The vehicle had a standard Citroen suspension, so you had to get used to rocking in corners. Unfortunately, this is an affliction of most motorhomes. With this weight of the vehicle, a good solution is the air assist suspension , which can be mounted on any motorhome. I recommend!

Exterior design, interior layout, comfort and equipment


Adria Matrix looks very nice from the outside. I like the streamlined roof line above the living area, combined with a panoramic window. Unfortunately, the window itself is a rather unnecessary addition, the more so that in hot weather it remains obscured all the time. On the other hand, it illuminates the interior of the motorhome very nicely and during winter trips (to which this motorhome is also fully adapted), I would definitely use it more often.

The manufacturer has used tinted windows in the entire living area, which not only reduces the heating of the interior, but also looks very good. Unfortunately, the mosquito nets and blackout blinds used in the windows have one disadvantage - you have to use both hands to pull them on. During the previous Caravan Salon fair, we saw that in the latest models, the manufacturer has already used a different type of windows and everything can be operated with one hand.

The motorhome was very well soundproofed and all the furniture was well fitted and installed. It was especially appreciated by Kasia, who spent most of the journey on the back seat with Maks. For a motorhome, she found it very quiet. No bothersome creaks reached the ears, even on uneven Masurian roads.

The driver and passenger seats are original seats installed at the Citroen factory. I suspect, however, that Adria, adding her upholstery, replaced the sponges in them, because the seats were extremely comfortable. The same sponges were also used in the armchairs in the living area and I have to say that they were the most comfortable sofas I have sat on in my camper van so far. Everything was trimmed with a material similar to the Alcantara, which nicely "kept the butt" in its place. The colors in shades of gray are certainly very practical when it comes to longer use and dirt.

The only, not fully tested, thing about a two-seater sofa were the headrests, which were most conveniently used when… they were dismantled. Lack of any regulations (except for the up-down option) disqualifies them for longer routes.


The motorhome housing consisted of 5 driving places and 5 sleeping places. In the picture above, you can see what the system looks like while driving and while sleeping.

The fifth seat with belts is located right next to the entrance door to the living area and is positioned rearward facing during the journey. When stationary, it can be easily transformed into a comfortable chair for sitting at the table.

The other two seats with seat belts in the living area are located on a two-seater sofa at the table that can be moved freely in different directions to make it easier to enter or exit. The child seat could be easily mounted facing the direction of travel without having to disassemble the entire table.

Kitchen in the motorhome

Right behind the dining area there is a kitchen, equipped with a 3-burner stove, sink and a large fridge with a separate freezer - all powered (depending on availability) with 12 V, 230 V or gas. The refrigerator's power selection is automatic, so you don't have to worry about it at all.


Cabinets for food and utensils are located above the kitchen and under the worktop and are enough to accommodate all the necessary articles for a family of 4.

An interesting fact in the kitchen area was the electrically heated floor, which we did not know about. After connecting the motorhome to the 230V power supply at the campsite, Maks had to turn on this heating without our knowledge - standing in the kitchen felt quite intense heat. After calling Elcamp to clarify the matter, we felt even warmer because we were suggested to have a fire extinguisher on hand. Fortunately, it quickly turned out to be a joke. I admit that this is the first time I have dealt with such underfloor heating and I would definitely choose such a solution in my private motorhome. This must be perfect for winter skiing trips.

Bathroom in the motorhome

The shower, sink and toilet are located between the kitchen and the bedroom. The shower is separate from the toilet and is located on the left side of the motorhome, and its dimensions allow you to use it comfortably. There is no need to pull your stomach in and there is no problem with turning freely.


The toilet and washbasin with cabinets are located on the right side of the motorhome and even with the door closed, you can somehow function there. However, it is much more convenient to separate the entire bathroom section from the living area with a door, and separate the bedroom area with a curtain. Thanks to this, we will have much more space at our disposal.

Kasia praised the sliding mirror in the bathroom cabinet very much. Thanks to this, she could see her face all the time while painting, and at the same time she had access to the rest of the cosmetics in the cabinet.


As in most motorhomes, the toilet has a convenient faecal cassette, which allows you to easily pour waste in the right place. The clean water tank had a capacity of 140 liters, and the dirty water tank - 85 liters. This is a standard in motorhomes of this size and for a family of 3 it is sufficient for about 2 days.

The heating of hot water and the interior was provided by a Truma gas heater, personally I would prefer it to be a Truma Combi Diesel heater, which reduces the need to take a few cylinders for winter trips, but I will leave this topic for a separate article.

A bedroom in the Adria Matrix motorhome

At the very end is the master bedroom which has two single beds. When you connect them together, a "U" shape is created. Thanks to this, the bed can be entered in a very comfortable way, using the stairs in the middle.


Both beds can be joined together using an extendable connector. Thanks to this, we will make a huge bed the width of the entire motorhome.

We had the opportunity to go with this arrangement for the first time. I sincerely recommend this solution to families with small children. Both the child and parents will sleep in comfortable conditions. If you need to sleep separately in the future, you can go back to the twin bed layout in 5 seconds.

A very nice solution is the bed frame, in which we can easily raise the headrest to comfortably read a book while lying down.


The second double bed is located above the dining area and is lowered automatically. With everyday folding and unfolding, it does not cause any problems - just press a button and that's it. Even after the bed is raised to the ceiling, we can keep all bedding and pillows on it. The only problem is getting out of the camper when the bed is down. Therefore, it should rather be used by those who go to sleep last.

Lockers and luggage compartment in Adria

The Adria Matrix 670 SL has a lot of different compartments. I really like the shelf above the cab that runs around this part of the car. You could easily transport laptops, cameras, books and other necessary things there, which you reach at a stop and you do not have to open the cabinets every time.

In the steps between the rear beds, the manufacturer has created spacious storage compartments in which two water packs can easily fit. There is also a spacious drawer.


On both sides of the stairs there are very spacious wardrobes in which we can fit a lot of clothes or other large-size items. In one of the wardrobes there is a hanger for storing the hanging wardrobe. A very interesting solution is the system of hiding the doors inside the wardrobes, thanks to which they can be kept open all the time, and at the same time not disturbing.


The cabinets for clothes, which are hung above the rear bed, have interior lighting - it works only if the lamp mounted under the cabinet is turned on. I don't know if the producer planned it on purpose or it just turned out that way, but I liked this solution.

The vehicle also had a very spacious garage, accessible from two sides, in which all our things fit - including 3 large camping chairs with footrests, a table, 2 bicycles, a bicycle trailer, 3 ROBUSTO boxes with a capacity of 60 liters. Unfortunately, the garage door require pulling two handles at the same time, which is sometimes troublesome.


I drove an Adria motorhome for the first time and I can't wait to test another model of this brand. I can recommend Matrix Axess 670 SL to anyone looking for a high-quality camping vehicle for a reasonable price.

I liked it:

  • very comfortable armchairs and sofas,
  • SL system with a connected rear bed,
  • heated floor,
  • soundproofing and fitting furniture,
  • spacious wardrobes under the bed with retractable doors.

I would like it more if:

  • the headrests were adjustable in other planes,
  • the motorhome had air suspension,
  • the garage door had one handle,
  • the steering wheel was multifunctional.

See how the motorhome is presented in the video we recorded during our trip:


Adria Matrix Axess 670 SL - motorhome test – image 1
Adria Matrix Axess 670 SL - motorhome test – image 2
Adria Matrix Axess 670 SL - motorhome test – image 3
Adria Matrix Axess 670 SL - motorhome test – image 4

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