Edition1One - limited series of Ervin Hymer Group

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Ervin Hymer Group presents another unique series. Edition1One is the dream of many enthusiasts of this lifestyle and a real treat for those who like limited editions. Hymer B-Class ModernComfort and Hymer ML-T are unique vehicles: from advanced Mercedes-Benz assistance systems and bodywork without thermal bridges, to a rich interior.

Edition1One - 150 models of three motorhomes

Since October 2018, HYMER has been offering the Hymermobil B-Class ModernComfort 580 I, HYMER B-Class ModernComfort 580 T and HYMER MLT 580 models as exclusive edition models under the name Edition1One . The base car for all three motorhomes available in the limited and numbered 150 vehicles is the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It is worth noting that the B-MC models combine the Sprinter skid plate with the SLC chassis developed by HYMER, which is unique in the industry. Edition1One , available from EUR 89,990 , is modern design and a high level of comfort, all under 3.5 tonnes.


Cooperation of the Hymer group and Mercedes-Benz

The ModernComfort B-Class models are distinguished by an extremely light body, improved aerodynamics, significantly increased storage space thanks to the double floor, as well as the standard 180-liter fresh water tank and 150-liter gray water tank. This is made possible by the award-winning SLC chassis, which has been combined exclusively with the latest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for the B-MC I 580 and B-MC T 580. The close collaboration between HYMER and Mercedes-Benz has resulted in the most unique motorhome in the history of the motorhome. The HYMER ML-T 580 is also based on the new rear-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.


Luxury and smooth ride as standard: Edition1One

Edition1One vehicles are equipped with many extras, such as the TEMPMATIC semi-automatic air conditioning, leather steering wheel and TV. Original 16-inch alloy wheels, a metallic silver paint finish and, on the semi-integrated models, a Metallic Tenorite Gray cab, make the Edition1One an eye-catcher. Another special addition is the limited identifier with a unique vehicle number.

There are two wood finishes to choose from with colorful leather-imitating upholstery materials for the interior of this unique series. Standard ambient lighting creates a unique atmosphere on board. The exclusivity of the models is also reflected in the interior design. Both the seats and the dashboard are decorated with, among others, the Edition1One logo.


The vehicles are equipped with the latest technology as standard. The ModernComfort B-Class models, for example, have the new 9G automatic transmission with 177hp torque converter, while the ML-T is equipped with the 163hp 7G-Tronic automatic transmission. All Edition1One models are also equipped with the ECO start / stop function. The 10.25-inch Mercedes MBUX multimedia system, including navigation with multifunction steering wheel, DAB, touchscreen, offers the latest multimedia applications in the cabin, while being particularly easy to use.

The two semi-integrated vehicles, the BMC T and ML-T, also have a panoramic roof over the cab that can be opened manually, a mosquito net in the door and cab shutters that fold into an accordion. The integrated B-MC I boasts a driver's door with an electric window and step illumination. All three models are equipped with an additional cushion that can be used to transform the two double beds with a ladder at the rear of the vehicle into a giant sleeping platform. In addition, the equipment includes an additional 230 V socket and two 12 V sockets, as well as two double USB ports.


Hymer has also not forgotten the element of entertainment: the campers are equipped with 32-inch flat-screen LED TVs with built-in speakers and a DVD player, as well as the HYMER intelligent multimedia system with Bluetooth on board. As the manufacturer assures, even with four passengers and rich Edition1One equipment, the vehicles do not exceed the limit of 3.5 tons and offer large reserves of capacity.

Models of the limited Edition1One series are available for sale at the Elcamp showroom in Krakow.

We recently completed a week-long test with the BMC 580 and we will soon publish our feelings about this unique motorhome.

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