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Edition1One - limited series of Ervin Hymer Group – image 1
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Edition1One - limited series of Ervin Hymer Group

Ervin Hymer Group presents another unique series. Edition1One is the dream of many enthusiasts of this lifestyle and a real treat for those who like limited editions. Hymer B-Class ModernComfort and Hymer ML-T are unique vehicles: from advanced Mercedes-Benz assistance systems and bodywork without thermal bridges, to a rich interior. Since October 2018, HYMER has been offering the Hymermobil B-Class ModernComfort 580 I, HYMER B-Class ModernComfort 580 T and HYMER MLT 580 models as exclusive edition models under the name Edition1One . The base car for all three motorhomes available in the limited and numbered 150 vehicles is the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It is worth noting that the B-MC models combine the Sprinter skid plate with the SLC chassis developed by HYMER, which is unique in the industry. Edition1One , available from EUR 89,990 , is modern design and a high level of comfort, all under 3.5 tonnes.

A motorhome in a slot machine, i.e. the Titanium series from Chausson – image 1
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A motorhome in a slot machine, i.e. the Titanium series from Chausson

Automated cars are becoming more and more popular. Also, motorhomes with such a mechanism have become a desirable commodity on the market. Chausson has decided to meet these expectations and offers the exclusive Titanium series with automatic transmission as standard. As the French manufacturer assures, even if someone has no experience in driving a car with an automatic transmission, he will love the ease and smoothness with which he works almost from the first trip. The Titanium models have a six-speed gearbox, which gives great comfort while driving - both on the highway and on the road. Torque and fuel consumption are optimized, and the driver's driving style and use of the vehicle are taken into account in electronic shifting adaptation. The gearbox is designed for heavy loads, and therefore for motorhomes. Titanium motorhomes react like passenger cars, they can be easily driven both in the city and on mountain roads. An additional advantage is the possibility of manual gear changes.

Innovation and high quality. Globe-Traveler news for 2019 – image 1
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Innovation and high quality. Globe-Traveler news for 2019

Yesterday the tags of CMT - die Urlaubsmesse in Stuttgart ended. The leading Polish caravanning brand, Globe-Traveler, could not be missed among the exhibitors. What has our representatives prepared this time?. The Globe-Traveler Explorer , a motorhome for two people, has plenty of space inside. In the redesigned version, the refrigerator landed on the floor and the area above it was opened more. The bathroom was also changed - solutions that are known from other Voyager X and XS models were used. An even greater sense of space in the new Explorer XS interior is due to bright materials and additional LED lighting.

6 reasons why you should go to Bosnia and Herzegovina (and not to Croatia) – image 1
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6 reasons why you should go to Bosnia and Herzegovina (and not to Croatia)

The holiday period is over, but some issues are valid throughout the year. Some of them are worth considering before the next summer season arrives. Because probably each of us is struggling or struggled with this dilemma: where to go this time? Which direction to choose? Croatia has been one of the most popular destinations among Poles for many years. Croatia, which is very beautiful, but also obscenely expensive lately. For those on a smaller wallet, frugal and for those who prefer less crowded places, the nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina is an ideal solution.

"I learned to love life on the move" - an interview with Isabel Speckmann, author of the blog – image 1
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"I learned to love life on the move" - an interview with Isabel Speckmann, author of the blog

An extraordinary woman. Strong and determined to make her dreams come true. Warm, cheerful and infecting with enthusiasm for caravanning. For several years now, he has been traveling Europe with his dog Milli in an old motorhome, which he affectionately calls "Omi", meaning grandmother. You can read about how her adventure with such a lifestyle began, what it is like to be a woman traveling alone and what cannot be missed during her trips, you can read in our interview. Dear Iso, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. :-) Could you please tell us your story? How did you start your caravanning lifestyle and why?.

Not only new. Retro camping, from the Caravan Salon 2018 archive – image 1

Not only new. Retro camping, from the Caravan Salon 2018 archive

Caravan Salon 2018 has already gone down in history, but there is something that cannot be forgotten. What's new is new, but nothing is as charming as old caravans, tents, cookers and other furniture and camping gear. The Camping-Oldie-Club eV Association is a German organization whose aim is to care for old tents, caravans, campers and to cultivate old camping traditions. This year, they exhibited some of their exhibits in Hall 18 and stole the hearts of many visitors to the Düsseldorf fair. The COC was established on May 15, 1988 as a circle of interest, and since September 20, 1994 it has been registered in the register of associations. Its members are owners of tents, vehicles and camping accessories that were created over 30 years ago. The goal of this unique community is to help each other in the conservation and restoration of historic vehicles and caravan tourism items, as well as their use. The club also documents the history of camping and caravanning in Germany and actively upholds old camping habits.

Masurian Piekiełko 2018. God's farewell to summer – image 1

Masurian Piekiełko 2018. God's farewell to summer

Campers, trailers, regattas, a music video and a concert on the beach - this and more happened during the 2nd Masurian Piekiełka during the rally in Masurian Ryn. Caravanning lifestyle enthusiasts gathered at Lake Rynskie from 6 to 9 September to say goodbye to summer together. This year's second rally was attended by 32 crews with 96 people, a large part of which were motorhome users. The organizers - Elcamp Group, Stork's Nest - School of Sailing and Motorboat Sports and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie with the great participation of the PZM Main Caravanning Committee - provided many attractions. There was a regatta, a feast, a fire and ... shooting a music video for the Taraka band.

Froli. A good night's sleep in a motorhome and caravan without unnecessary burden – image 1

Froli. A good night's sleep in a motorhome and caravan without unnecessary burden

Probably everyone will admit that a good night's sleep is essential, and its guarantor is a comfortable bed or mattress. And the greatest luxury is a comfortable rest while traveling, which is not always possible - especially in camping conditions. Froli, a German producer and exhibitor at Caravan Salon 2018, however, found a way. Froli is the first manufacturer of bed systems in the world to introduce plastic spring elements ensuring exceptional sleep comfort in 1993. This is something unique on the market. Their individuality is a great advantage: each element can be optimally adapted to the appropriate hardness, according to the needs and requirements of the body. Importantly, these plastic parts allow the mattress to be ventilated, which extends its life, and is also crucial for allergy sufferers. They can be quickly attached to a special hook structure as well as to a traditional bed frame.

Caravan Salon 2018. The world is our home – image 1

Caravan Salon 2018. The world is our home

Caravanning gives you freedom - in a motorhome, caravan or tent, you can feel at home and at the same time be close to nature. The motto of this year's Caravan Salon is In der Welt zu Hause , meaning "at home in the world". Every year more and more people are interested in this way of active recreation, which is carefully noted by the organizers of the fair. In all cases, the word umweltfreundlich is also abbreviated, i.e. environmentally friendly - recently an extremely important trend, not only among those who adhere to the caravanning lifestyle.

Cars in the castle. MotoClassic 2018 – image 1

Cars in the castle. MotoClassic 2018

Pearls of the automotive industry, novelties in the automotive industry, reconstruction groups, concerts and Krzysztof Ibisz - this is how you can briefly say about the MotoClassic Wrocław 2018 rally. All this in the beautiful surroundings of the Topacz Castle in the village of Ślęza near Wrocław. The weekend of August 18-19 was carried out to the rhythm of fired oldtimers, classics of the Polish People's Republic and luxurious novelties. On the castle estates, you could see over 400 cars from various eras - the Polish People's Republic Polonaise of Lieutenant Borewicz, a taxi from "Zmienników" or a familiar Toddler, historic fire and military trucks, massive SUVs, long Cadillacs, exclusive Bentleys, Ferrari and Maserati, all the way to the legendary vehicles from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries: Ford Quadricycle from 1896, Steffey from 1902, Magnat Debon 1910 or Ford model T from 1913. And this is only a fraction of what has been presented. Reconstruction groups that came in large numbers demonstrated means of transport, clothes and firefighting and military equipment. Contemporary famous brands and their most anticipated premieres this year also had their show.