A motorhome in a slot machine, i.e. the Titanium series from Chausson

A motorhome in a slot machine, i.e. the Titanium series from Chausson – main image

Automated cars are becoming more and more popular. Also, motorhomes with such a mechanism have become a desirable commodity on the market. Chausson has decided to meet these expectations and offers the exclusive Titanium series with automatic transmission as standard.

Automatic driving not only in a passenger car

As the French manufacturer assures, even if someone has no experience in driving a car with an automatic transmission, he will love the ease and smoothness with which he works almost from the first trip.

The Titanium models have a six-speed gearbox, which gives great comfort while driving - both on the highway and on the road. Torque and fuel consumption are optimized, and the driver's driving style and use of the vehicle are taken into account in electronic shifting adaptation. The gearbox is designed for heavy loads, and therefore for motorhomes. Titanium motorhomes react like passenger cars, they can be easily driven both in the city and on mountain roads. An additional advantage is the possibility of manual gear changes.


It is worth emphasizing here that the gearbox used in Ford is a fully automatic gearbox and not, as is the case in Fiat Ducato, a mechanical gearbox with automatic gear selection controlled by a computer (Comfort Matic). The Fiat system takes more time to change gears and the shifting itself is not the smoothest.

Titanium - comfort and design

Chausson introduced the Titanium series, offering motorhomes with good standard equipment at the most attractive price possible. The five most popular models from the range of semi-integrated bodies have been selected and configured to attract attention both technically and visually.

Titanium motorhomes, available exclusively on the basis of the Ford Transit, are equipped with a 170 HP engine with automatic transmission. The standard equipment includes, among others heated windshield, dusk sensor, automatic wipers and front fog lights.

The Titanium body - which will probably not be surprising - is in titanium color. The extended Premium entrance door with an integrated glass, a waste bin, a central lock and a sliding mosquito net provide even greater user comfort. A real treat is the limited Bora-Bora upholstery and Gladstone furniture, which are not found in other Chausson models.

The whole is complemented by atmospheric LED lighting. A rear view camera with a display integrated with the rear view mirror watches over the reversing.

The film presenting the Titanium series

Unified Production and Smart Longue

Chausson Titanium motorhome

According to Szymon Majnusz from Transa-M (the official and exclusive distributor of the Chausson brand in Poland), the Titanium range does not offer the possibility of configuring the equipment except for the option of an additional bed lowered from the ceiling. As a result, the production is standardized and the end price is even more affordable. Prices for Titanium models start from as low as EUR 45 745 net of excise duty.

It is worth emphasizing the innovative Chausson system - Smart Lounge. Smart Lounge, maxi lounge with a telescopic table in the middle and side benches, from which the seats with adjustable backrest for passengers slide out while driving. This system is available on the 640 and 767 GA models.

Smart Lounge presentation video

Titanium - luxury on wheels x 5

The Titanium series are the five best-selling Chausson chipsets. Built on a Ford, with exclusive interior and exterior decorations and with an automatic package as standard, with a gearbox at the forefront, comfort and luxury are the essence. Here are the five options available:

Titanium 627GA

The 627GA is a classic in its category. It is an ideal motorhome for a couple who want to limit the length of the vehicle (less than 7 meters) without losing the comfort and size of individual longitudinal beds located above a large garage. 5 places to ride give us the opportunity to take friends on a dream vacation or a short weekend. An enlarged L-type sofa in the living room will be perfect for evening camping.

Titanium 628

This semi-integrated motorhome with a center bed is also less than 7 meters long. It is a real hit in the family motorhome category: it is compact, practical and has all the ergonomic solutions of the manufacturer. A central bed with a width of 160 cm is equal to those known to us from the home bedroom. The shower cubicle is separated from the toilet, and the refrigerator is 167 liters.

Thanks to the Easy-Bed system, a large garage has any possibility of height adjustment - depending on the location of the central bed. Therefore, having a garage does not have to mean sleeping at a high height and climbing a ladder. In addition, approval for 5 people and without additional payments.

Titanium 640


Titanium 640 is a real bestseller on the German market. It is an ideal proposition for customers looking for maximum space with standard dimensions of a motorhome - its length is 6.99 m. The model is equipped with the innovative Smart Lounge system - seats for passengers are pulled out from the sofas (2 independent, with adjustable backrest). When folded, they create an XL living room.

In addition: a maxi kitchen, a bathroom with the full width of the motorhome, a wardrobe, an electrically lowered bed from the ceiling with a width of 160 cm, a large garage for bicycles or scooters. In this configuration, Titanium 640 can be called unbeatable!

Titanium 758


The 758 model is approved for 5 people. The living area can be easily transformed into a bedroom using an electrically lowered bed from the ceiling. The rear central bed has the EASY-BED system known from other models of the brand. The bathroom with a separate shower cubicle can be connected by closing the bedroom door - then we have a bathroom across the width of the motorhome! The 167 L refrigerator will satisfy even the most demanding culinary lovers.

Titanium 767 GA

Chausson Titanium motorhome

Another model equipped with the innovative Smart Lounge sofa system and an electrically lowered bed from the ceiling. The 90 cm wide double beds can be joined together. The large 146L refrigerator is perfect for long journeys. The garage with access from both sides allows for the versatile use of its cubature.

For more information about Chausson motorhomes, visit the Transa-M company in Pszczyna, which is the exclusive distributor of this brand in Poland. The latest models for the 2019 season are now available in the company's showroom!

In addition to selling new motorhomes, Transa-M offers a professional motorhome and caravan service (Trigano, Burstner, Truma, Thetford, Dometic ...) and a shop with a wide range of caravanning accessories (Frankana-Freiko).

We would like to remind you that our "Camps of Europe 2019" guide is available for free in their store.


A motorhome in a slot machine, i.e. the Titanium series from Chausson – image 1
A motorhome in a slot machine, i.e. the Titanium series from Chausson – image 2
A motorhome in a slot machine, i.e. the Titanium series from Chausson – image 3
A motorhome in a slot machine, i.e. the Titanium series from Chausson – image 4
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