AUTOSTAR - the French manufacturer's debut on the Polish market

AUTOSTAR - the French manufacturer's debut on the Polish market – main image

The AUTOSTAR brand, belonging to the TRIGANO group, represented by TRANSA-M from Pszczyna, will present the manufacturer's new products for the 2021 season at the Camper Caravan Show 2020 in Nadarzyn. There will also be the brand's bestsellers, i.e. the CELTIC EDITION range and the PASSION semi-integrated model. This year's fair will be unique - AUTOSTAR makes its debut in Poland and for the first time the models of this brand will be presented at a trade fair.

Well-thought-out and comfortable Autostar campers


AUTOSTAR is a manufacturer of well-thought-out and perfectly equipped semi-integrated and integrated vehicles with a common DNA, which is based on the brand's philosophy based on several key assumptions. The vehicles must be durable and resistant to weather conditions (e.g. hail) and mechanical damage - a 7-year warranty on the tightness of the bodywork is a commitment that the manufacturer can afford in connection with the use of a polyester resin laminate in the structure of the roof, walls and floor. Year-round use requires appropriate insulation - here we use extruded polystyrene with increased density, completely waterproof, as well as a supporting frame made of PVC profiles that are resistant to rusting or rotting (unlike aluminum profiles, it does not conduct heat and does not contribute to the formation of thermal bridges). In terms of passengers' thermal comfort, they even thought about effective heating of the cab, which many premium segment manufacturers forget about. AUTOSTAR also took seriously the issue of heating distribution, air exchange and the use of thermal "curtains" wherever cold may potentially occur (Ventil' Plus). The range of vehicles includes the PRIVILEGE, PASSION and PPRESTIGE series with lengths from 659-759 cm. The common denominator in all models is the Fiat Ducato base vehicle.

All-season campers

It should be added that AUTOSTAR has been offering ALDE heating in its campers since 1989. Their buildings have insulation class III , which, according to the BS EN 1645-1 standard, means that when the heating is on, the temperature inside should be maintained at +20 degrees Celsius, while the outside temperature the temperature is -15 degrees Celsius. For comparison, class II insulation can maintain the internal temperature at +20 degrees Celsius only to 0 degrees Celsius outside.

Passion bodies have a double technical floor , while PRESTIGE models based on the ALKO frame have a full double floor .

What's new in 2021 at Autostar?

AUTOSTAR is a brand with extensive experience and tradition, which is reflected in the technologies and solutions used. Belonging to the TRIGANO group allows the brand to benefit from the "background" and support of the producer group, but in many areas the brand follows its own path, focusing on its own identity. In 2021, there is a continuation of the CELTIC EDITION series of integrated bodies, which was very popular in the 2020 season due to the rich standard equipment and attractive price. The characteristic visual highlight of this series is the furniture design in the tone of light oak CHENE CLAIR. The CELTIC EDITION will include 2 models - I660 (659 cm) and I730 LC (739 cm). The equipment package is extremely attractive, and in this version can be purchased on preferential terms - we have everything here: from a multimedia station with a navigation system, through a camera system providing a 360-degree view, Truma 4000 EH heating powered by gas or 230V, 16-inch aluminum rims, an additional set of textile cushions and covers or a factory solar set.

The new arrangement in the set of integrated models promises to be interesting - the I 721 will be available in the PRIVILEGE variant (basic model marked I721LC Lift) and in the PASSION variant (721LCA Lift with a double technical floor and more extensive equipment).

The length of both vehicles is 7.21 m, which significantly improves loading capabilities and makes it easier to comply with the GVM limit of up to 3,500 kg. The basic features of the I721 system include a face-to-face living room (retractable seats with Isofix for travel), an XXL king bed, a large 175L refrigerator and an interesting and practical system of a pull-out countertop in the kitchen.


Pull-out tabletop system/bright and modern design of CHENE CLAIR furniture

A camper for demanding people

PRESTIGE EDITION is a series whose target group are customers looking for a well-equipped, year-round camper (including the heated ALDE), based on the ALKO frame with a double floor and a GVM of 4,500 kg.

A new front of the vehicle with a muscular black grill, light switch and LED headlights has been introduced, which will initially be offered only in 2 versions - I790 LC and I790 LJ.


The PRESTIGE EDITION series will introduce a new design for the front of the cab.


The interior of the I790LC PRESTIGE EDITION model

The quality of the materials used, modern, bright and minimalist design and space with a capital "P" - all this combined with considerable reserves in terms of load capacity indicates that this vehicle has a chance to make a big stir in the premium segment of vehicles over 3.5t. It is certainly a proposition worth considering, taking into account the construction solutions used, the tightness of the construction and the great design.

Semi-integrated – new, manoeuvrable, compact

In 2021, the general portfolio of semi-integrated models will include a new PERFORMANCE series including 2 models: P680LJ (longitudinal beds) and P690LC LIFT (double double bed). The external width of the body is only 216 cm (standard in this type of vehicles is 230-235 cm), and the length in both cases is less than 7 meters. The height is 279 cm (the standard height of the semi-integrated Privilege series is 292 cm). The vehicles are therefore easy to maneuver, functional and, what is also important, cheaper than their bigger brothers. This is an excellent alternative for people considering purchasing a campervan or a vehicle with a so-called sheet metal for traveling with 2 to a maximum of 3 people (3rd sleeper at the front of the vehicle).


The interior of the Performance "Slim" series with an internal width of 203 cm

See how neat this model looks:


In total, the brand's model portfolio will include 4 semi-integrated models and as many as 15 integrated models. An opportunity to see AUTOSTAR new products will be the Caravan Show 2020 fair on October 23-25 in Nadarzyn, where the exclusive distributor of the brand in Poland - TRANSA-M will present not only vehicles of this brand, but also RANDGER and CHAUSSON campers, of which it is an authorized dealer.

Are you interested in AUTOSTAR news? It is worth visiting the manufacturer's YouTube channel and learning the details.


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