Luxury in a compact form - the C-Tourer Lightweight inside out

Luxury in a compact form - the C-Tourer Lightweight inside out – main image

The 3.5 t DMC barrier turns out to be a challenge for all manufacturers of recreational vehicles. Especially in the segment of luxury vehicles, it is a real challenge for premium brands, whose customers have high expectations in terms of the quality and solidity of the body as well as the wealth of equipment. For the last 2 years, Hymer and Carthago, especially Hymer and Carthago, have been trying to compete head-to-head with a clientele with a category B driving license. In this material, we will focus our attention on the models of the latter brand. C-Tourer Lightweight - this is the full name of the series, which the manufacturer strongly focused on in its marketing strategy also in 2020.

Luxury in a compact version

The lightweight range includes 9 interior layouts with an outside length of 680 to 747 cm. Interestingly, the Carthago brand tries to make this "split" between functionality, equipment and weight without compromising dimensions - the width of 227 cm and the height of 289 cm are exactly the parameters of the majestic series of integrated C-Line vehicles. What do we get? Fully equipped Fiat Ducato motorhome with AL-KO frame with a luxurious lounge (L-shaped sofa, with side seat and driver and passenger seats), 4 or even 5 seats, 3-5 berths and a lot of compartments with considerable capacity. The design of the bathroom, regardless of the layout, is the apple of the eye of Carthago designers - regardless of whether we choose a model with a separate shower or an integrated bathroom and toilet cubicle, we gain full functionality and freedom of movement.


In terms of the volume of clean and gray water tanks, we have 150 and 140 liters, respectively, while the capacity of the on-board battery is 80 Ah (expandable to 2x80 Ah). The kitchen has a 3-burner cooking station and a worktop with a sink, the cover of which can be used as a shelf.


The construction of the premium class body is a rigid body without the use of wood with an XPS foam core - this is the legendary Carthago quality that contributes to a relatively small loss of value of the vehicle. The Truma Combi Truma 6 heating with CP Plus is standard, as is the large number of compartments and the interior lined with high-quality material (walls and ceiling). Well thought-out lighting with dimming mechanisms and an exemplary electrical switchgear put the Tourer at the forefront in the premium segment. The range of engines includes 2.3L engines ranging from 140 to 178hp, with the optional latest automatic 9-speed gearbox and ECO-Pack. In terms of interior colors, the customer can choose from 2 color versions of the furniture and several color and material variants for the upholstery.


Why a semi-integrated?

Despite the popularity of integrated cars in the premium segment, many customers notice the advantages of the semi-integrated - undeniable advantages (as shown by the recent comparative crash tests of the Swedish Trafikverket) are safety, as well as lower repair costs, better acoustics, easy service access and better thermal insulation. Half-integrals are often the first choice, especially for couples, especially as keeping the weight below 3.5t in this configuration, even with luggage, seems realistic. The manufacturer's declared scales in accordance with European standards, depending on the model, oscillate between 2900-3000 kg. Taking into account the almost obligatory additional equipment (awning, TV-SAT antenna and air conditioning / converter or additional solar), you should add approx. 100 kg. After all, this means a safe "buffer", especially for couples and families with children.

Something… practical for everyone

By choosing the C-Tourer model, we gain a package of benefits characteristic of the upper class segment - we do not have to think about its suitability in winter conditions, tightness of the body and loss of value - it is without a doubt a certain investment for years. At this point, attention should also be paid to the characteristic, patented by Carthago solution used in the T144 model, i.e. the rear bed that can be pulled out and retracted into the shower space - it is an interesting way to reduce the length of the vehicle without compromising on functionality.


It is worth noting that the C-Tourer models can be homologated up to 4.25 t, the loading space of the "garage" is up to 120 cm high and has a reserve of up to 350 kg (due to the height and width of the load space, a scooter, pontoon or accessories are not problem). Regardless of the weight and model, thanks to the AL-KO frame, we gain access to storage compartments in the double floor (height up to 55 cm), to which we gain access on both sides of the vehicle - this gives perfect access to skis, boards and any longer accessories.

Luxury in a compact form - the C-Tourer Lightweight inside out – image 1
Luxury in a compact form - the C-Tourer Lightweight inside out – image 2
Luxury in a compact form - the C-Tourer Lightweight inside out – image 3
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