Before you buy a motorhome

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It is good if the decision to buy a camping car is not made hastily. Buying a camper shouldn't be the first thing you start your caravanning adventure with. You should already know in advance whether this method of traveling is suitable for you.

So you can try to go camping with friends or, better yet, rent a camping vehicle yourself to verify your ideas about this type of holiday. Only when you learn not only the advantages, but also the difficulties related to e.g. limited parking options and even access to selected places, or related to vehicle maintenance (e.g. getting rid of waste), will you find out whether caravanig is really attractive to you proposal.

If you are already convinced that yes, it would be best if you could check the selected camper model in practice. This will not always be possible, but it is worth looking for a model similar to the one you intend to buy in camper rental companies throughout the country. If you find one, rent it and see if you're happy with it.

Worth weighing

When purchasing, it is worth using a scale to check the total weight of the vehicle. If you have a category B driving license, the total weight of the camper along with its equipment, luggage and passengers should not exceed 3.5 tons. Moreover, also due to possible additional fees, entry bans and other regulations, you will encounter the least problems then. when you are traveling in a camper that is within the total weight of a passenger car.

The basic issue will, of course, be your preferences regarding specific models, but also the intended use of the vehicle. A camper used mainly in summer should have efficient air conditioning and a large refrigerator, while a vehicle used in winter must have very efficient heating. Before you make a purchase decision, check whether the car has all the equipment you will need during your travels.

Well-known brand, great power

In the case of a used car, it is good to choose a car of a brand whose parts are easily available for sale. In this respect, popular models will be better. It also wouldn't hurt to check whether the size of the tires the camper is equipped with is still in production.

A powerful engine with a large number of gears may also be an important element. The large number of available gears will be most useful when riding in the mountains. Moreover, it's good if you can drive on highways at the speed typical of passenger cars, and this can only be achieved by a car with sufficient power.

Beware of moisture

The technical condition of the vehicle should be checked in the same way as in the case of passenger cars and most of the same issues should be paid attention to. However, it is not enough to stop there. Additionally, pay attention to the joints of individual body elements, as well as to the windows and sunroofs. These places are particularly exposed to moisture and corrosion. Also check if there is a musty smell in the camper. All signs of moisture should be considered serious arguments against purchasing a given item.

The last important thing will be documentation. The seller should have the appropriate documents not only for the car, but also for all devices installed in the vehicle.


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