The Małopolska Coral through Europe

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Coral motorhome

There are different ideas for advertising campaigns. Specialists in attracting the interest and attention of the wider community compete in inventing neat slogans, intriguing posters and engaging movies. The latest ad of Małopolska is extremely original because it moves on four wheels. At the end of May, a promotional campaign was launched (literally and figuratively), in which the main character is a motorhome. And not just any - a cruise vehicle embellished with red corals, a symbol of Lesser Poland , was sent on a route leading through several European countries.

The pattern with beads has appeared for the first time. In 2012, they were used in the promotional campaign “Małopolska. Surprising ", in which they were included in the almost two-minute long film among other subjects associated with Małopolska. So what exactly? Of course, the trumpet, from which the trumpeter plays a fragment of the bugle call every hour, also appeared a teaspoon and a cup from an atmospheric Krakow cafe, and a knight's armor. This company could not miss rattling red beads.


The first trip of the motorhome crew will last three weeks and it will not be holidays, but hard and responsible work. The aforementioned crew consists of four employees of the Małopolska Tourist Organization (MOT) and experts in the promotion of the region, and the entire trip is a project organized by MOT, called “Małopolska Coral through Europe”. The mentioned Coral is the name - or rather the name - of a motorhome. As part of the project , from May 29 to June 19, the vehicle will travel across European countries with an important mission - to promote the Małopolska region.

The vehicle is a mobile showcase of Małopolska not only because of its appearance, although it must be admitted that it proudly represents the voivodeship. It is branded with logos and covered with inscriptions encouraging to come to Małopolska. It even had a map sticking straight to the red coral region. But that's not all - the motorhome is equipped with films and other advertising materials, it also has a mini promotional stand .

Follow us to Małopolska

During the trip, the motorhome crew will visit the Netherlands, Belgium, northern France and Luxembourg to promote the tourist attractions of Małopolska and its capital, Krakow. The main theme of the expedition is the Wooden Architecture Trail covering two hundred and fifty historic wooden buildings. Among them are extremely valuable from the point of view of architecture, art and culture, churches and Orthodox churches, as well as monuments of material culture and beautiful manors. There are also four churches on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.


The coral motorhome will stop in designated areas to organize shows. These will be both large cities and smaller towns. At each "stop", the crew will set up a promotional stand, and people encountered along the way will be encouraged to visit the region in accordance with the slogan: "Follow us to Małopolska" . People interested in the presentation will receive advertising materials (they have been prepared in three languages: English, German and French), they will also be able to watch advertising films.

The idea of setting off in Europe in a coral-adorned camper was born in 2011, and then the project "Małopolska Coral through Europe" was included in the Małopolska Regional Operational Program. It was created in response to the need to create a comprehensive campaign, organized on a grand scale and with the possibility of using a larger amount of money. According to Leszek Zegzda , president of the Małopolska Tourist Organization, the project is a large expense, but at the same time a lot of savings - mainly thanks to the camper . Choosing it significantly reduced the costs of the campaign, as the need to book hotel accommodation, rental of advertising space and fees such as crew plane tickets disappeared.

Stay updated!

Reports from travels around Europe can be followed on the Camper Małopolski thematic blog and on the auction profile on Facebook. The blog is run in Polish and English, and its authors describe their impressions of dozens of conversations with curious residents of the visited countries. There are also Poles living abroad. For example, in the note from June 6, you can read about a meeting with a Polish couple who have been living in Antwerp for almost 30 years. During the conversation, they congratulated the Koral crew on the idea of promoting Małopolska, and commented on the fact that Poland is being promoted abroad with the words: "the heart grows". This best reflects the nature of meetings with the inhabitants of the passing towns. From the blog and Facebook profile you can also learn many interesting things about campsites and, of course, the attractions of the places you pass.

The project "Małopolska Coral through Europe" is co-financed by the European Union under the Małopolska Regional Operational Program for 2007–2013. In the next few years, it will travel through most European countries to interest its inhabitants in the beauty of the region and thus attract them to the voivodeship.

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