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Is it possible to combine relaxation in the castle while enjoying all the benefits of your own motorhome? Of course!

West Pomeranian Podewils Castle Camping offers caravanning enthusiasts a 2.5 hectare park by the lake next to the 15th century knight's castle.

A place with history

When the knight Adam Podewils defended prince Bogusław X from the blow in the battle of Sianów in 1475, he gave him a castle in gratitude, in which, "... the number of windows corresponds to the number of days in a year, the number of rooms - the number of weeks, the number of entrances - the number of months, and the four towers are equivalent to the four seasons… ”.

The facility was beautifully situated among forests, by a lake, almost perfectly round. Over the years and the change of owners, the fortress has changed, gaining more and more intimate character. The last owner was Karl Alexander von Riepenhausen, who bought the castle from Hugo von Loen for 188,000 thalers. According to the legend, the sale was caused by card debts ... In 1945 there was a fire in the castle, but until 1956. a forest inspectorate and a school operated here. Later, the building was secured and only in the 90s was it put up for sale. Private owners, strictly adhering to the remaining pre-war plans, renovated both the mansion and the park.

Something for everyone

The castle and its surroundings were intended for tourist purposes. No wonder, because the beautiful location and the proximity of many attractions attract travelers year after year.

The facility is surrounded by the following lakes: Zamkowe, Nidno, Kryształ, Zielone and Morskie Oko. There are also educational paths there. A map with routes is available at the reception. From Darłowo and Darłówek (beautiful beaches), the town of Krąg, where the castle is located, is only 35 km away. From Ustka and Mielno - 55 km. In Darłowo, it is worth visiting the Princes' Museum, considered the jewel of Western Pomerania.

Architecture lovers should definitely visit the palace in Warcin, formerly owned by the Reich Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, as well as the half-timbered church of Christ the King erected in 1698. Its baroque furnishings include the main altar, the pulpit and the patron's box. The altar has been listed as class "0" monuments.

There is also something for fauna lovers. In the vicinity of Kościernica, there is the largest European concentration of large anthills of the red ant. Some mounds are up to 2 meters high.

Camping outside the castle

Rest "with history in the background" for years fashionable in Western Europe, has also become popular in Poland. The restored beautiful buildings entice guests with a unique atmosphere. Until recently, however, the combination of caravanning and relaxation in the castle was not possible. Thanks to Camping Zamek Podewils you don't have to give up either one or the other.

The vast area adjacent to the Grabowa River and the Castle Lake makes it possible to choose a camping site tailored to the needs of guests. You can place your tent, motorhome or caravan next to the beach and bathing beach with a pier, or hide in the shade of trees. All tourist facilities are available: cabins with hot water and shower, toilet, kitchen, grill, fireplace and laundry. You can connect to electricity. There is Wi-Fi access in the castle.

It is an ideal location for people who like to spend time in nature. Thanks to its great location, lovers of water sports, walking, cycling and sunbathing will find something for themselves. You can also use the castle's attractions: sauna, massages, fitness, billiards, table tennis and table football. Camping Zamek Podewils is friendly for families with children. The little ones will have fun in the playground or in the playroom.

The restaurant and bar in the castle offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to typical camping pitches, the resort offers rooms with a terrace and a lake view. It is worth going to such a place during this vacation!

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