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"Good thing you don't know all the secrets of this house, otherwise you would never want to sleep under this roof ..." These are the words Count Strathmore said to Andrew Ralston during the conversation about Glamis Castle. The gigantic structure is considered Scotland's most haunted castle.

Glamis Castle is located in the UK County of Angus, in the town of Forfar. It is a place close to the family of the English Queen Elizabeth II. Her mother (Elżbieta Bowes-Lyon) spent her childhood there, and her younger sister (Princess Margaret) was also born here. The building was immortalized in the pages of Shakespeare's play - the king was killed in "Macbeth" in the Duncan Hall.

The property is entered through a large wrought-iron gate, and carefully tended, beautiful gardens surround the castle. Before you reach the building or reach the building, you need to overcome about 1.5 km of the road running slightly downwards. The castle is at the very end.

Inhabited by ghosts ...

Glamis Castle became famous for its infamous fame as a place where many misfortunes happened and some of its inhabitants did not leave it after their death. Apparently, in the castle chapel, you can meet the ghost of Lady Janet, known as the Gray Lady. In the 16th century, she was burned at the stake, accused of witchcraft - in fact, she was punished in this way for conspiring against King James V.

The castle is also inhabited by the ghost of Count Beardie, who liked playing cards so much that he agreed to a game with the devil himself. And that's how they play in a secret chamber. Where is she? It is not known, but if you counted all the windows outside and outside Glamis, apparently two will be missing. Only a few know what is inside the mysterious chamber. Perhaps two men absorbed in playing cards, perhaps the body of the unfortunate Thomas Bowes-Lyon, who had been hidden from the human eye all his life because of his appearance. He was born horribly deformed, fed through bars, and he went out for walks rarely and exclusively on the designated wing, which it called "Mad Earl's Walk." A construction worker who had accidentally entered Thomas' cell fled the castle in panic. The count paid him a trip to Australia in exchange for his silence.

In the basement there is a room where the Ogilvie family was to find shelter from their enemies. She was locked in it for 3 months, and when the door was opened, only a maddened man who survived by eating the bodies of loved ones was found there.

A terrified dark-skinned figure runs through the gardens at night. He is a servant whose once bored count has fasted his hunting dogs. He had no chance against the hounds, and now he is still running, unaware that it is a never-ending pursuit.

Friendly Glamis website

The spine-chilling legends are just a small fraction of the stories the castle could tell. There is no shortage of people who want to find out whether the meeting with the ghost will make (any) impression on them. They can visit it daily from April to October , from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Fortunately, the castle is not only the most haunted place in all of Scotland. It can look friendly during the day and has a lot to offer tourists - including families with children who like to have a picnic surrounded by green gardens. The youngest can have fun on the playground, there is also a restaurant. You can buy a souvenir from a visit to Glamis in a thriving shop.

Campsite in Forfar

The Forfar Lochside Caravan Club Site is located in the village of Forfar. It is a campsite that offers weary tourists an overnight stay within a few minutes' walk of the city center. After exploring the numerous chambers of Glamis Castle, you can rest there after an eventful day - regardless of whether you belong to the club or not. The campsite is open until November 2, 2015.

There are many mysterious and even terrifying castles in Scotland, but against their backdrop, Glamis is an extraordinary place. Only the daredevils allow the thought of entering its area at night, and even during the day, when a figure flashes quickly behind the curtain of one of the windows, you can feel chills on your skin. Do you have the courage to enter its gate?

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