Holidays on the Côte d'Azur - Saint-Tropez – image 1
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Holidays on the Côte d'Azur - Saint-Tropez

Lazurowe Wybrzeże to prawie synonim wakacji, słońca i morza. Tym, którzy planują spędzić urlop na południu Francji i szukają idealnej bazy wypadowej do zwiedzania okolicy, polecamy Camping Les Tournels.

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Rest like a prince

Is it possible to combine relaxation in the castle while enjoying all the benefits of your own motorhome? Of course!. West Pomeranian Podewils Castle Camping offers caravanning enthusiasts a 2.5 hectare park by the lake next to the 15th century knight's castle. When the knight Adam Podewils defended prince Bogusław X from the blow in the battle of Sianów in 1475, he gave him a castle in gratitude, in which, "... the number of windows corresponds to the number of days in a year, the number of rooms - the number of weeks, the number of entrances - the number of months, and the four towers are equivalent to the four seasons… ”.

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How to choose a tent for a trip?

What better and safer way to spend your vacation than traveling with your own tent to places remote from civilization, where contact with nature ensures that the batteries are charged for the whole year? Such an expedition allows you to visit both Poland and Europe without any restrictions. The only thing left is to choose the right tent, because how many people there are so many ideas for the trip and the needs associated with it. There are no bad tents, there are bad choices. The first thing we should pay attention to is the type of trip we are going on, and thus the type of tent we should choose.

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Motorhome & Caravan news

Rapido news for 2021

The motorhome industry is coping quite well with the current restrictions related to the pandemic and looks to the future with hope. Rapido has just announced three new C series models, which it intends to introduce in 2021. These cars will be available for viewing by a wider audience at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, which officially begins on September 5. As part of the C series, Rapido introduced 3 new models: C55, C56 and C86. All models built on the Fiat chassis are 2.17 meters wide and have a slightly curved panoramic sunroof with a UV coating, which gives a sense of space and makes the house on wheels more spacious. In addition, an electric roller shutter and heating are included. The height of the cars is 2.75, and there will be 3 lengths to choose from: from 5.99 m to 6.99 m, so everyone will find something for themselves.

Cooking at the campsite. Which cooker to choose? – image 1

Cooking at the campsite. Which cooker to choose?

When going on vacation in a motorhome, caravan or camping, we must take into account the necessity to prepare meals. It does not have to be an unpleasant duty, as long as we have the right equipment - especially a stove. The offer is very wide. We advise you on what to consider when choosing a cooker to find a solution tailored to your needs. Some people say that they do not go on vacation to “stand by the pots”. However, hardly anyone can afford a restaurant full service in the 2 + 2 variant, three times a day for several weeks.

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Operation of the heating panel in the motorhome

Many people expect a motorhome to be air-conditioned. What about efficient heating? It will depend on the heating system whether we will be able to travel at any time of the year. Spring or early autumn is a dream time for many people to travel, but remember that mornings and evenings can be very cold then. The modern heating system means that you just need to turn the knob on the control panel to enjoy the warmth of the "home hearth";). The most famous type of heating is the parking heater . The parking heater consists of a heater that works independently of the engine. Fuel is taken directly from the vehicle's tank. The main advantage of such a heating system is low fuel consumption.

6 gadgets that you cannot do without at the campsite – image 1

6 gadgets that you cannot do without at the campsite

When getting ready for a camping trip, we prepare a list of things you need to take with you. There will be clothes, cosmetics, small household appliances / electronics and documents. Hardly anyone remembers about camping accessories, such as a table, chair, head lamp, lamp, organizer / cabinet or thermos. When we get there, we find that it's good to have breakfast in the open air, and then suddenly it turns out that there is nothing to sit on ... The next time we leave, we usually remember about such "little things" as, for example, chairs and a table to be placed in the vestibule or directly on the grass. However, how to choose the ones that best suit our needs, and at the same time not to clutter or overburden the car?.

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Checklist before traveling by motorhome

If we have already mastered the maneuvers of the motorhome, the operation of individual devices and the rules of behavior at the campsite, we feel quite confident before traveling to another place. And then it turns out that, for example, we move with an unsecured gas cylinder ... In order to avoid such surprises, it is worth having a checklist at hand, thanks to which we will not forget about anything important. Checklist - or, speaking Polish, a checklist - is a list prepared for the purpose of completing tasks or subsequent stages. The point is not to omit any important stage of the procedure. Such a list helps to determine the correct sequence of work and to establish a list of activities that should be performed in order to check whether everything has been done correctly. Such lists are used by pilots, flight attendants, astronauts, doctors, nurses and manufacturing plants. Why? Because they work!.

The beach season opens in Portugal on June 6 – image 1

The beach season opens in Portugal on June 6

Portugal is preparing for the upcoming season. The camping and hotel base will be launched in June. Museums, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, pastry shops are already open. From May 18, the country introduced a second phase of lifting restrictions on economic and social life. From the beginning of May, small shops, hairdressing and beauty salons, sports facilities and golf courses are open. Taxi traffic was also restored and car rentals were opened. According to the Portuguese Tourism Office (Turismo de Portugal), air borders with European Union countries (except Spain and Italy) remain open. You can also get to the country from the United States, Canada, Brazil and other post-Portuguese-speaking areas.

Italy is waiting for tourists from June 3! – image 1

Italy is waiting for tourists from June 3!

From Monday, May 18, Italy is back to normal, of course keeping masks, gloves and a safe distance from other people. From the beginning of the week, all bars, restaurants, shops and beauty salons may be open. Museums are resuming their work. You can leave the house without restrictions, meet family and friends, and even attend mass. The scope of the freedoms is decided by the authorities of individual regions, depending on the epidemiological situation. It's not bad in Veneto, where tourist facilities, swimming pools, gyms and beaches have been allowed to resume operations. Service and trade companies will also return to work. Liguria has joined Venice and Sardinia has allowed the use of all beaches. Even in Lombardy, which is most attacked by COVID-19, you can use restaurants, but guests are to have the temperature measured before entering.

Hobby Optima OnTour T65 HKM - for 6 people! – image 1
Motorhome & Caravan news

Hobby Optima OnTour T65 HKM - for 6 people!

If you are looking for a family motorhome for a larger family or you want to go on vacation with friends and not worry that there will be no space for someone Hobby Optima OnTour T65 HKM will meet your expectations. An additional advantage is the body that is fully prepared for winter conditions, so the car can be used all year round. Hobby Optima OnTour T65 HKM was built on a Citroen chassis. Under the hood you will find an engine with a capacity of 2.2 liters and power from 120, through 140 HP to 165 HP depending on the version. The vehicle is 7 m long, 2.3 m wide. It also has 6 places for driving and 6 for sleeping, which is not often found in half-integrateds.

Windows in the motorhome – image 1

Windows in the motorhome

Such an inconspicuous thing as the windows in a motorhome is essential. They not only allow access to light, but also provide ventilation and thermal insulation. Their handling is slightly different than that of regular car windows. Most of the windows are double glazed. In addition to side windows, most models now also have a sunroof. The window consists of double acrylic glazing and is installed with matching blinds and insect screens. It is very easy to operate with two handles or a crank. It can be raised or tilted - opened along the long edge. Usually, they are opened in three different positions, depending on whether you want to ventilate the motorhome or a gentle supply of fresh air.