Hobby Optima OnTour T65 HKM - for 6 people!

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If you are looking for a family motorhome for a larger family or you want to go on vacation with friends and not worry that there will be no space for someone Hobby Optima OnTour T65 HKM will meet your expectations.

An additional advantage is the body that is fully prepared for winter conditions, so the car can be used all year round.

When you need more

Hobby Optima OnTour T65 HKM was built on a Citroen chassis. Under the hood you will find an engine with a capacity of 2.2 liters and power from 120, through 140 HP to 165 HP depending on the version. The vehicle is 7 m long, 2.3 m wide. It also has 6 places for driving and 6 for sleeping, which is not often found in half-integrateds.


Thanks to the very good insulation made of xps board, going skiing will not be a problem. The manufacturer ensures that it has been tested in arctic conditions. The car also has a 90-liter fuel tank, a 100-liter clean water tank and a 96-liter gray water tank. The load capacity for a vehicle for six people is 515 kg. Heating is provided by the Truma 6 Combi stove.


Lockers are worth paying attention to, as more people usually means more luggage. The largest of them at the back of the car can even accommodate bicycles. As it is located under one of the beds, it is enough to lift it up for the time of driving and thus increase the luggage space. Another hiding place is a hiding place for a basket, mounted in the table top. On the left side of the car you will find a very clever solution for a gas cylinder storage box. The system slides on special rails, so you do not have to carry too much heavy containers and struggle with their assembly.

Spacious interior

On the right side of the door you will find a kitchen, which may seem small, but thanks to the use of spacious cabinets and a retractable worktop, it will accommodate all the necessary things. The three-burner stove allows you to cook a full dinner, and the basket hidden next to it in the counter allows you to work efficiently. Under the sink there are shelves mounted in the cargo system, which further increases the space for tableware or food products. The large, 140-liter Dometic refrigerator has a really large supply of food. In addition, a 20-liter freezer, which should also be enough for the trip. When the outside temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius, after removing the shelf separating the freezer from the refrigerator shelves, it works with double power, preventing the stored products from spoiling.


In the dining area you will find two double sofas facing each other, both for relaxation and driving, separated by a table that, of course, moves apart. These 4 seats, along with two standard ones in the cab, allow you to transport 6 people! The third sofa, located on the side, is intended for guests who are invited to the table.

An incredible advantage is as many as 6 sleeping places. At the end of the motorhome you will find two single beds, placed one above the other, additionally secured with a net, so if small children sleep on them, we can be sure about their safety. The second of the double beds is a pull-down bed, located above the dining room. We create the third by hiding the table and unfolding the sofas in the living and dining area.


There are also cabinets in the car that run overhead in the dining area and a place for a TV set. A spacious wardrobe for things or clothes, located in the dining area, is also a very good solution. It can accommodate a lot of equipment. Inside the wardrobe it is easy to hide a ladder, which will allow you to get to the upper bed. Windows, apart from curtains, are equipped with mosquito nets and blinds.

The bathroom is dual-purpose. The toilet and sink are on the left, and the shower is on the right. Importantly, we can separate the shower with a special, sliding aluminum roller blind, creating a kind of hinged wall and thus avoid water flooding the bowls and cabinets. A very good idea, hardly seen elsewhere, is to mount a retractable string (or rather a rope) for your laundry!


If you are interested in the Hobby Optima OnTour T65 HKM motorhome, be sure to contact CarGO . In their showrooms in Poznań or Wejherowo, you will be able to carefully inspect this very ingenious car, and specialists will answer your every question.

The basic version, which is available in the showroom "on the spot", is a car with a 2.2 engine with a power of 140 HP in the winter version, with factory accessories. The price is PLN 229,000 net (including 18.6% excise duty). Optionally, you can order a comfort retrofit package, which includes:

- DOMETIC 2200W parking air conditioning

- THULE 5300 wall awning 4m

- bicycle rack for 4 THULE bikes

- DVBT antenna

- REMIS pleated system in the driver's cabin

- multimedia station with navigation and a rear-view camera

- 170 W solar panel

The price of the described package is PLN 16,000 net. Therefore, in order to enjoy a perfectly equipped, all-year-round motorhome, we will spend PLN 245,000 net + VAT for 6 people. It is worth noting that this is the most advantageous proposed price on the market, taking into account the type and equipment of the vehicle, and the amount of excise duty.

And without leaving your home, it is worth watching the film presenting Hobby Optima OnTour T65 HKM, which was prepared for you by CarGO employees.

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