Herman - a breath of lightness from Slovenia

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In the caravanning industry, there are not only brands that have been known for a long time. Young producers such as Herman from Slovenia are also trying their hand. The company wants to convince customers by offering technologically innovative pickup trucks and motorhomes that are lighter than those offered by the competition.

Herman is an interesting brand, although so far its offer is not too extensive. The core of the offer is pickup trucks .

Royal Sport

The Royal Sport body is available in six variants for the European (and Japanese) market and six for the American market. They are suitable for pickups of brands such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Land Rover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota .

The building can have two bedrooms, and in some versions the second bed is placed under a sliding roof. To eject it, just press the button and wait 20 seconds . Thanks to the superstructure, four to even six people can sleep on board (depending on the model).


The "trailer" is also equipped with a system that allows for quick connection and disconnection from the vehicle, so that we can leave the construction in the garage or at the campground to travel without it. The system of folding legs helps in this, thanks to which the body can be stably positioned also outside the vehicle.

What is most significant is the structure consisting of carbon fiber and aluminum . The main skeleton is made of aluminum and filled with carbon fiber elements and carbon fiber panels. Importantly, in all variants, the roof is made of one piece of plastic, which eliminates the risk of leaks.

Thanks to its modern design , the 250 X-Type weighs only 500 kg with dimensions of 417 cm (L) x 211 cm (W) x 226.5 cm (H). The heaviest of the European models - the RS 330 C-Type - measures 494 cm x 211 cm x 251 cm and weighs 686 kg.

The C-Type and X-Type may look almost identical, but in practice the C offers greater comfort as it has a deeper overhang and a larger luggage space. The X models, on the other hand, are tailored for off-highway journeys - they have a shorter overhang and therefore a better angle of attack at the rear.

The body is equipped with water tanks (100 or 130 l) and sewage (50 l) . On board you will also find a table top with a gas stove (2 or 3 burners) and a sink, a refrigerator and a toilet with a shower and a washbasin.

Grand Royal

Another available model is Grand Royal - a motorhome based on Fiat Ducato . Also in this case, the superstructure is made of aluminum and carbon fibers. The semi-integrated motorhome weighs only 2,600 kg with a length of 7.3 meters.

What makes Grand Royal stand out is the pop-up roof with an insulated attic, which provides two additional sleeping places. In addition, the motorhome has a retractable rear rack that allows you to transport a motorcycle weighing up to 300 kg . The vehicle can be powered by engines with a power of 130 to 180 HP . The water tanks have a capacity of 400 liters .


The interior trim also attracts attention in the motorhome. The modern design is combined with a veneered wood veneer . Exactly - such a design combination may appeal to you, but when viewed practically, it is surprising. This is because very light materials have been combined with heavy wood. The manufacturer argues, however, that the furniture has a "sandwich" structure, thanks to which the use of wood did not adversely affect the weight of the vehicle.

In Germany, the new Grand Royal costs around 74,000 euros. On the website of the German distributor (Stilbus.de), at the time of writing this article, a six-month-old Ford Ranger pickup with a Herman body was available for 28,315 euros.

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