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When traveling is the essence of our life, we need a car that can be a second home. So we need a vehicle that is suitable for all weather conditions.

The Chausson brand has prepared a motorhome for the 2019 season, distinguished by functionality and equipment . This is the 747GA Premium Welcome model. The car should work well during longer trips.

High power and fast gearbox

We present you a car in the Premium Welcome version - so with the richest equipment . The car can be built on the Ford Transit or Fiat chassis, but it should be noted that the first option is more popular .

When choosing a Ford, we get a 2.0 TDCi EcoBlue engine with 170 HP (the most powerful version) and a capacity of 1995 ccm. Fiat offers engines with a capacity of 2.3 years, which is less favorable in Polish tax conditions.

Compared to the Ford 2.2 TDCI version, fuel consumption has been reduced by 13% . Most customers choose the 6-speed Select Shift automatic transmission. It is a torque converter that controls the throttle in such a way as to shorten the time needed to downshift when the gas pedal is depressed. Ford promises an average gear shift will take less than half a second. This type of gearbox provides a smooth ride , especially in dense traffic. It also enables manual gear changes and a gear lock in more difficult road conditions, e.g. on slippery surfaces or steep descents.


The dashboard is also interestingly designed, with its design and equipment similar to those known from passenger cars. A multifunctional steering wheel covered with leather with full adjustment and ergonomic arrangement of all indicators is a standard to which we are already accustomed by the Ford Transit. Optionally, we can find the Ford Sync 3 system, which allows you to play music, make and receive phone calls, control satellite navigation, and even smartphone applications - all using voice commands.

You can also integrate a 6-color touchscreen with smartphone applications - using Applink, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. In addition, the Emergency Assistance function allows the user to call emergency services in more than 40 countries in the event of an accident.


The car is equipped with a rear view camera as standard.

Hail and frost resistant

The total length of the car is 7.49 m, the total height is 2.92 m. The car is designed for 4 people. The body is made of polyester (roof and side walls). GRP / GFK material (resin with glass fiber) provides greater resistance to hail than in other types of buildings. This type of technology also makes it easier to repair the shell in case of any damage.

The insulation is made of XPS board, i.e. extruded polystyrene. It is currently the most modern material with very good thermal insulation properties . The roof is 54.5 mm thick, the floor is 63.5 mm thick. Chausson's models currently have one of the largest roof and floor thicknesses among all European manufacturers .

The access of light is provided by Seitz framed windows (with integrated awnings and roller shutters), a large panoramic window above the cab and roof windows made in Heki technology (with transparent glass).

It is also worth paying attention to the Technibox - the side service hatch. There are all the most important control elements - fuse box, drain valves, fresh water inlet. Thanks to this solution, all the most important installations can be found in one place.

Interior and water heating is provided by the Truma Combi 4 D 4000W. The power source is diesel fuel from the car's fuel tank. The control panel of the CP Plus heating unit has a liquid crystal display and a programmer function. This type of solution will be appreciated by every motorhome user during the winter season. The control can be extended with a control system from a mobile phone (I-Net) - so we can set the desired temperature, for example, on a ski slope.


Lots of space inside

Cooking lovers will not be disappointed. The optional Thetford gas oven allows you to prepare even sophisticated dishes. Even the preparation of the dough will not be a problem. A three-burner kitchen and a large, 141-liter Thetford refrigerator will also work well. The window above the sink provides access to light.


An external gas quick connector allows you to quickly connect the gas grill. It is a great way to prepare typical holiday dishes.


The shower cubicle was separated from the bathroom . After closing the door on both sides (from the bedroom and living room), we get a large bathroom covering the entire width of the motorhome. In addition, we can use an external shower, mounted with a quick coupler. Thetford rotating cassette toilet and sink are located on the opposite side of the shower.


In the dining and living area you will find a table with a folding top and a telescopic leg, and the Smart Lounge system - built-in seats for passengers that slide out of the sofas (two independent, with adjustable backrest). The living area is easily transformed and is really big.

In total, 5 people can sit here for a meal. Overhead, there are rows of cabinets, in which you can easily hide the things you need while traveling. At night, the living room turns into a bedroom thanks to the Project 2000 belt system lowered from above, a double bed. During the day, it is adjacent to the ceiling, so it does not bother anyone and does not take up space.


The installation for a TV with a Project 2000 retractable bracket has also been prepared.

In the bedroom, which can be separated from the rest of the vehicle by a lockable door, there are 2 separate longitudinal beds that can be joined. Below them there is a spacious garage accessible from two sides. There are also lockers above the bed. In summer, a 12V fan installed in the roof window of the sleeping area (with the function of extracting and blowing air) will be useful.


What else is worth knowing?

The car is available with a winter package, which includes a heated dirty water tank, covers for the ventilation grilles of the refrigerator and thermal insulation mats for the windows in the cab.

It is worth taking advantage of the possibility of choosing a varnished cab - thanks to which the motorhome will definitely stand out. We can also decide on the color of the paintwork of the entire car - the Ford in Bronze paint looks particularly attractive.

If you want to see the attractiveness of Chausson 747GA Premium Welcome live, visit TRANSA-M from Pszczyna. There you will be able to see the presented model and talk about all the details.

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