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Large, well-equipped, modern, fully integrated - this is the Pilote G740 motorhome. It allows for a comfortable journey and accommodation for four people, and while driving, the 150 HP engine provides sufficient power. See what else we can find in one of the top-positioned motorhomes of the French brand.

It cannot be denied that the purchase of a motorhome, especially when it is an "integrated", is associated with a serious expense. All the more, it is worth making a well-thought-out decision, so that the purchased vehicle can serve us well for many years. If you want to be sure of this, it is worth taking a look at the structure of a given vehicle.

5-year warranty

In the case of integrated models of the Pilote brand, we can rest assured. The design of the motorhome includes aluminum profiles , anti-hail roof, double-sealed doors, frameless windows, insulated floor and walls, and even a polyester finish under the chassis frame. All these elements make up the Isotek structure , which is to ensure better tightness, durability and thermal insulation of the motorhome.

Thanks to this design, the manufacturer does not risk much by providing a 5-year warranty for the installation . The manufacturer also ensures that motorhomes have excellent acoustic insulation, which is partly due to the well-sounded engine compartment .


In addition, integrated motorhomes have one more advantage - a large panoramic front window . The driver is able to see an object lower than 80 cm in height, located 1 meter from the front bumper. Such good visibility will help prevent many tragedies.

You can rest

Pilote divides his "integrateds" into three groups. The smallest are the ultra-compact models - 5.99 m and 6.49 m long. Next we have the compact models (6.99 m) and the "comfort" group (7.49 m). Only the 7.87 m long "supreme comfort" is higher.

The G740 model belongs to the category of comfortable motorhomes and can come in two variants. The C version has a large double bed, the so-called a queensbed (150 cm wide) while the GJ has two single beds.


Both motorhomes have four berths and four berths , although two additional beds are optional. Fixed beds feature Bultex foam mattresses and frames made of wooden slats, which should ensure maximum comfort for people resting on them.

A space without compromise

The fact that the G740 is one of the longest models in the Pilote range translates into above-average interior spaciousness. In this case, we do not have to think about compromises. A large living room with a sliding table allows you to move freely. Large windows - side and roof - make the interior well-lit by natural light during the day. At night, lighting will be provided by energy-saving LEDs.


The spacious bathroom has a door that separates the bathroom / sleeping area from the dining / kitchen area . A shower tray and a toilet with a wash basin are located on opposite walls.

Standard on the level

The motorhome is available in the Essentiel, Sensation and Emotion trim levels. Let's take a look at the basic one. Without subsidies, we will receive, among others Combi6 heating from Truma with a digital control panel, frost-resistant sewage tank, manual air conditioning in the driver's seat, soft-close drawers, 149-liter refrigerator, 3-burner stainless steel cooker, 230 V sockets in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. And these are just some of the equipment.


The vehicle configured in this way was immediately available from CarGO at the time of writing. The Pilote G740 GJ (with single beds) is powered by a 150 HP 2.3MJ engine from the Fiat stable. Its net price (with excise duty) was set at PLN 293,300 net (negotiable).

It is hard to say that it was a low price, but looking at the size, configuration, construction or finish level, you can come to the conclusion that it is not an excessive price. Many other manufacturers wish for more while offering much less.

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